Roommates want to sublet to someone I don't want to live with

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    Roommates want to sublet to someone I don't want to live with

    My roommate wants to move out of our current living quarters. There are currently 3 of us living here paying equal rent. We all signed the same lease which does not contain a sublet clause. My roommate wants to sublet his room to somebody I do not feel comfortable living with and the landlord does not seem to be hearing my objections. If he were to allow the sublet to take place would the lease be considered broken, and would I be allowed to move out without further honoring the lease?

    1. You and the other two tenants have a joint and several tenancy. None of you individually can terminate it during the fixed term.

    2. L could allow subletting BUT no one of the three can sublet (because all 'own' the tenancy; actions such as subletting would need unanimous agreement, just as termination would).

    3. Those rules apply only during the fixed term: how long until its expiry?
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