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  • Student letting query

    Hi guys

    I am looking to let my flat and have it up for let to private tenants. However, I've had a family contact me whereby both parents are 'sponsored' students at a local university (not sure who by yet or the course itself, but am assuming it is post grad study).

    My question is; what is the impact of letting to students? I.e. if i let to students, do I need to do anything 'extra'? Are there any council tax/letting conditions i need to be aware of? Or is it exactly the same in the eyes of the law, regardless of if you are a student or not?

    Thanks in advance



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    What is an HMO? Is this multiple occupancy?


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      Originally posted by maidstone98 View Post
      What is an HMO? Is this multiple occupancy?
      HMO= House in Multiple Occupation.
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