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    we are a family 2 adults 2 children my partner elaine is on long term disability benefit and on high rate everything under the sun. we currently live in Cumbria but we need to move south where its a bit warmer as its affecting elaines health , we currently live in a semi rural home and would like the same where ever we move if possible. we are flexible to move anywhere . im currently claiming benefit as elaines full time carer as well. I dont wish to be on benefit as long as i need to be as im an HGV driver and work up here dried up and i was made redundant so at this time it made sense for me to claim and become a carer for elaine. So please understand any claim for benefit would be short term . We are hoping to move asap and are looking for a long term let (years).
    If anyone can help i would be very grateful for any reply or advice

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    Hi there,

    I'm sorry I cannot help you with accommodation, since I too live in the frozen North of England! However, there is an oversupply of rental property on the market at present in many places, so it may well be worth your while contacting letting agents in the towns you are thinking about re-locating to; there are landlords willing to rent to families on benefits especially if you have a reference from your previous one. Or the housing officer at the council may have lists of LLs to contact.

    Good luck.
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      It was the situation predicted by some Judges et al when it was first proposed that the full Penalty would be awarded to the T and not the Exchequer.
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      I agree. It's almost at the level of scandal as the people claiming cash by pretending they were ill on holiday. In that case, the Spanish Hotels have told tour operators they won't be doing all inclusive holidays any more.

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      Letter sent with the evidence attached.
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      Thanks for the reply jp....
      21-07-2017, 18:32 PM
    • Reply to Deposit at the end of AST. Also, quiet enjoyment.
      Makes sense - if the tenancy agreement doesn't say you have to let him and a surveyor in, his only right of access is with 24 hours written notice for the purpose of viewing the "condition and state of repair" of the property.

      So you can simply decline or make your point.
      21-07-2017, 18:23 PM
    • Reply to Deposit at the end of AST. Also, quiet enjoyment.
      I'm not trying to claim for breach of quiet enjoyment. He wants to be in again with a surveyor to use his property as security for something. I am going to let him I just want to remind him and have all the facts. Sorry if I didn't explain it right.

      Only claiming for the non protection...
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