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    We entered into a one year short hold tenancy in May 2006. We signed a new tenancy agreement for two years in July 2007 and our rent was increased. The Agent sent a letter stating our deposit from the previous tenancy period would now be protected under the Tenancy Protection Scheme. We never received any information under what scheme our deposit was placed, nothing within 14 days, etc. Our tenancy was to run until July 2009, however we began experiencing problems with the boiler, toxic fuel oil fumes in the house, etc, on top of several other repairs that were never made. We gave two months notice, upon which, the agent stated that she was retiring from the letting business and new agents would be contacting us after November 1, 2008.

    We ended the tenancy on December 26, 2008. We agreed to a deduction of 125 pounds to our deposit for professional carpet cleaning. The new Agents stated the remainder of our deposit would be returned. On December 27th, the landlords (who were in the UK for Christmas - and live in Singapore) viewed the property. On January 9th, my husband called the Agent and inquired about our deposit refund. He was told that they were deducting 170 pounds for repainting two bedrooms, 200 pounds to have a gardener come in and do the garden, and 60 pounds for limescale removal. We were not pleased to hear this. We had permission to paint the bedrooms in "light colors," which is detailed in an email between the previous agent and the landlord. The landlord stated she only agreed to "neutrals." The entire house had not be redecorated in six years prior to our tenancy. The new Agents have informed the landlords that the entire house must be redecorated, so why am I paying for that?

    We have gone to the house and weeded and mowed the garden which was what the inventory stated was done prior to our tenancy. I have gone over and removed the limescale, yet we have not seen our deposit. What do we do next? Our deposit was never placed in the protection scheme and the Agent is holding it until the landlord is statisifed. We would like to dispute these deductions. What is our next step? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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