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    Dear All, I am one of four freeholders of a house divided into four flats (one of which I live in). Another of the flats is not occupied by the freeholder, but rented out. This freeholder has refurbished and dumped the contents of the flat's old bathroom and old kitchen in a corner of the garden (which is shared between the four flats). This stuff is an eyesore and haven for the resident foxes and possibly rats too. Can anyone point me in the direction of where to find more information for Freeholders on issues like this, or know of how to tackle this issue with a fellow freeholder? The 'perpetrator' has been approached about this subject - informally - and he has promised to move the rubbish, but six months on has not. Any ideas? Many thanks in advance.

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    Please clarify who owns what. Are you/X/Y/Z:
    a. each, a lessee of one flat; and
    b. together, freehold reversioners of the entire property?

    Read your lease. What does it say about:
    a. lessor's obligations; and
    b. easements to use the corner of the garden occupied by the offender's dump?
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