Damp Problem....were my friends ripped off

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    Damp Problem....were my friends ripped off

    Hi all

    My second post here.

    A friend of mine has just moved into a rented property. The agent who showed them round bragged that it was so new "you could still smell the paint".

    Trouble is the paint had been painted over some bad damp. The damp is so bad that the brickwork is crumbling. The house is freezing, damp and they all have colds and their toddler is wheezing. This is not a budget property, they are being charged £600.00 pcm.

    Also it looks like the landlord has disposed of the bulding waste in the back garden and covered it with earth and laid a lawn on it.

    Should the landlord be expected to sort the damp problem, should they have been informed before hand? Is it legal for building waste to be disposed of in such a manner.

    I am livid on their behalf and am determined to help them. Any help from you guys is grately apreciated.

    Try the environmental health department or your local tenancy liaison officer at the council. They should both be able to advise you.


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