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    Lodger Woes

    Hi, this is my first post and I'm not sure if I need advice or just want to run my situation past you guys and guage whether I'm justified in my reaction or need to get back in my box and get over myself

    I am not new to having lodgers renting my spare room - I had the same lodger for 8 years in my previous house and we got along very well - although that was probably helped by the fact that I worked full time and also had a part-time pub job most evenings so we weren't actually in the house at the same time very much.

    I have recently moved with my job and advertised my 2 spare rooms - the first lodger moved in at the beginning of December and signed an 'agreement' that I put together from an example I found on the internet and tailored it to meet my requirements.

    So far with this person I have had the following issues:

    Both rent payments to date have been late - the agreement says rent is due in first 5 working days of month - both months I have had to check my bank and chase the lodger to pay the rent - the payments have arrived on 15th and then 14th of the two months so far.

    I stated before he moved in that the 4th (small) bedroom could be for shared storage and occasional overnight guests as there is a single bed in there. On the day he moved in I said it was OK to stack his boxes in there while he unpacked and moved stuff into his room - he has actually partially unpacked the boxes he put in there but spread the contents all around the room, on windowsills and bed - the bed has now disappeared under his stuff and the only floorspace left now has his airer with washing on it - there are piles of his clothes all around the room too.

    In the days before the 2nd lodger moved in I cleaned her room in readiness and on opening the fitted wardrobe found that Lodger 1 had stacked more of his (full) boxes in that wardrobe - he hadn't asked permission to use that room. I moved his boxes to the bottom of his stairs (he is on top floor of town house) where they remained for 2 weeks - then one night I noticed they had gone - I then nearly fell over them as he had moved them 3 feet in total and put them on the turn of the stairs - these are stairs I have to use as my bathroom is on the top floor of the house.

    His room is an absolute pigsty and stinks, the floor is not visible for clothes, papers, books etc spread across the floor - I accept this is essentially his business as long as does not cause damage to my furniture etc.

    I went to put some rubbish in the bin to find he had put several plastic bags of rubbish in the wheely bin (we have 2) for garden, food and cardboard waste instead of the other wheely bin which is for general refuse. The recycling collection won't empty the recycling bin if it contains plastic so I had to tip the bin up and lean in and remove his rubbish and put it in the correct bin. When I mentioned it to him he just said “oh, you have to blame my girlfriend for that, she was helping me clear out my stuff”! He said this as he walked away so I didn't reply – of course what I should have said was that actually as he is the lodger it's up to him to make sure his rubbish goes in the correct bin – I didn't wait for him to move the rubbish as he wasn't home when I discovered this, and the collection was due that morning.

    I had been away for the weekend and returned last Sunday night to find the large window in his bedroom (front of house) was wide open - he did not return until Wednesday night - OK, so it's on the 3rd floor so would be difficult for a burglar to climb in - but I eventually went in and closed the window due to howling wind and driving rain - he said it must have blown open in the wind (it's a 4 year old house so we are talking a UPVC double glazed window)! I do not know if there is rain damage to the windowsill or window blind - he stereo probably got the worst of any rain blowing in as it is on the windowsill.

    Whilst in his room closing the window I noticed he has turned off the extractor fan in his en-suite bathroom, he had also turned off the extractor in the main bathroom next door to his room - neither of these bathrooms have windows so it is quite essential that the extractors do their job - I turned them both back on and have told him they must remain on.

    He works shifts and often gets home at 1 or 2 am - not a problem except for the fact that he leaves the lights on through the house on his way to bed - this often wakes me and I end up having to get out of bed to turn off the light on my landing as the light shines through the crack around my bedroom door and keeps me awake - as well as the fact that it's unnecessary expense - he pays an all inclusive rent including the electric!

    He spends a lot of time at his girlfriend's house so rarely cooks in the kitchen - but every single time he has used the kitchen he hasn't left it how he found it - there is now a box of stuff he has left strewn on the worktops that myself and Lodger 2 have had to move in order to be able to cook our meals - he also doesn't bother wiping down the worktops so we have to wipe away his crumbs and mess before we can use the worktops.

    He loaded the washing machine with his laundry and left it in the machine for a week and a half - in the end I had to ask him to unload it so I could put a wash on (I would have asked sooner had I needed the machine sooner).

    It all came to a head last week when I came home for lunch to find I would again have to clear his stuff before I could cook my meal - I haven't seen him in person since New Year's Eve due to his shifts and either one or both of us being away - so I sent him a text to ask him if he was due home later as I would like him to return the kitchen to how he found it so I could cook my meal without having to tidy after him. He had washed up his plate and cutlery from his meal but left the baking tray in the oven all greasy from whatever he cooked too - he had emptied half the utensils drawer onto the worktop and there were crumbs everywhere.

    Anyway, the exchange of text messages that followed ended with him telling me he is flat hunting anyway and will give me notice when he gets the keys to a new property - I had a long think about it and replied that there will be a letter at the house for him on Monday giving him a month's notice from 28 Jan and he needs to be out by 1800 on 28 Feb.

    I am concerned that his rent will once again be late - he seems to think it was acceptable because it was his bank's fault the last two months - he had to ask for my bank details twice because he couldn't find them and just doesn't seem to acknowledge that he should be the one checking his account to make sure the money had gone on time rather than me being left to check my account every day and hasten him.

    I am thinking of putting in the letter that his rent for February is due on the first working day of Feb (2nd) and that if the money is not in my account on that day then his notice period will be shortened to the end of that week and that I will expect him to be gone by 1800 that Sunday - (8th) - does this sound reasonable? He has already broken the 'agreement' in numerous ways, in terms of late rent, lack of consideration to other house occupants, allowed the possiblity of damage to the property by allowing rain entry and stopping bathroom steam being expelled via the extractor.

    Apologies - this has turned into a right old rant ... I suppose I will look back and think it's quite funny in some ways .. once he's gone maybe!!!

    Sorry for such a rambling and boring first post - any thoughts/comments/advice gratefully appreciated - if you haven't nodded off by now!!!

    Feel better for getting it off my chest anyway!!!!!

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