Sole transferee needs a lodger to help fund expenses

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    Sole transferee needs a lodger to help fund expenses

    Ok, so hi to everyone - i'm new here and need a bit of help.

    I bought a property (3 bed semi) about 7 months ago with my then fiance. However, since then, we have split up and rather than sell the house, i've decided to buy him out. This is slightly daunting considering the amount the mortgage and bills come to each month, and taking into consideration my salary... this will leave me each month only around £100. So i've decided to get a lodger in.

    I have absolutely no idea whatsoever about this area of thought and am trying my best to get as much information and advice as possible. I'd really appreciate any suggestions/guidelines on getting a lodger and what i should be careful on.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Lodgers have no tenancy rights meaning you can ask them to leave whenever you want, but they can also leave whenever they want.

    When choosing a lodger then it's up to you who sounds best.
    Being a woman you might feel more confortable having women lodgers. You can ask for references from previous "landlords" (go back at least 2 if possible) to make sure they're suitable.


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