Bankrupt tenant - bad debt filed on house?

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    Bankrupt tenant - bad debt filed on house?


    Our present tenant is in financial difficulties; he has said that the bailiffs are after him and he may go bankrupt. But he is managing to pay the rent.

    My question is: If he is declared bankrupt will the bad debt be attached to him as well as the property? If the bad debt is attached to the property as well, then this may be logged as a permanent black mark against the property ?!

    Anyone out there know for sure about this? thx

    See the second posting on this thread from yesterday:

    (sorry not sure how to do this as a link!!) - it is a thread about bailiffs etc.

    Basically bad debts attach to people NOT property/addresses
    Mrs Jones
    I am not an expert - my posts are my opinion and should not be taken as fact!!


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