Benefit cheats win again?!?

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    Benefit cheats win again?!?

    Having succesfully getting a S8 awarded we have also now had the Local Council agree to pay us the Housing Benefit directly. With the T still not even considering moving out at least this will be something we will get as we continue down the warrant and bailiff route.
    Any advice out there on chasing the arrears? Most of it Benefits!
    I've seen the various court order enforcements and it doesn't seem that encouraging. I am even willing to accept low monthly payments (just the principal of getting the money back), but with the T's unwillingness to play ball is this something that can be set up by a court. Still cannot beleive they can get away with what is essentially theft!
    They have already told us they are not going to pay us any money as they are saving it for a deposit on a new place!!

    Thanks in advance!

    Surely the most important thing is to get the tenants out and new ones in now you have the court order.
    Deal with getting the arrears later.
    Start building up as much info as you can on the tenants which will help to get back any funds at a later date.


    Most of this info you should already have if you used a good application form at the start of the tenancy.

    You could go down a number of routes such as


      Nice one. Agree, house back is highest priority (hopefully fairly intact!).
      Will debt collectors be interested in a benefits case?? Almost seems fruitless.
      Will explore all avenues.
      Can you sell debts? Would be nice just to palm this off to some tenacious bull dog firm.


        I'm not 100% on deductions from benefits but I know that the min payment for rent arrears acceptable to the court for someone claiming means tested benefits is #3.05 p/w in our area when dealing with arrears to Local Authority!
        Always double check advice... not just mine!


          IIRC the courts will not allow deductions from someones benefits (unless the creditor is the council)
          PAUL GIBBS, solicitor, Jacobs & Reeves. My comments on this forum are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. No responsibility or liability is accepted by reason of reliance upon such comments. This disclaimer would not apply to direct clients of Jacobs & Reeves where there is a valid retainer in place and I would be happy to confirm any advice if formally instructed. . Jacobs & Reeves now offer a fixed fee possession service.


            Originally posted by Paul Gibbs View Post
            IIRC the courts will not allow deductions from someones benefits (unless the creditor is the council)


            Sorry, I know I am being slow, but what does IIRC mean again?



              If I Remember Correctly it's something to do with remembering something correctly.
              I also post as Moderator2 when moderating


                Originally posted by Paul Gibbs View Post
                IIRC the courts will not allow deductions from someones benefits (unless the creditor is the council)
                Hi, have just realised that this is advice is not quite correct - getting too hung up on the IIRC thing.

                Anyway, a quick summary is shown below. Just google "direct deductions" and lots of information comes up. The recognised best guides to this sort of thing are the Child Poverty Action Group's Welfare Benefits Guides which should be available in all main libraries.


                Benefits are normally paid direct to the person claiming but sometimes money can be deducted by the DWP and paid to a third party. Deductions from benefits are also known as 'direct deductions' and are formally called the 'Third Party Deductions Scheme'. These deductions are usually made from certain means tested benefits including Income Support, Pension Credit and Jobseekers Allowance - income based. However in some circumstances they may be made from other benefits. Most deductions are made when there is a debt and if there is enough benefit to cover the payments.

                When are they made?
                Deductions can only be made in certain circumstances, usually when a person has got into debt. Deductions can include the following:-

                fuel debt - fuel direct payments can be made if a person is in gas/electric debt. The fuel company should not disconnect a person if this happens. The amount deducted will include current fuel consumption as well as for arrears.

                rent arrears - to have deductions made then the person must owe the equivalent of four weeks full rent.

                council tax arrears - the local authority must get a liability order from the magistrates court for deductions to be made.

                housing costs - mortgage interest or interest on loans for repairs/improvements is paid direct to the mortgage lender if the lender is a member of the Mortgage Interest Direct Scheme. Other housing costs can also be paid to a third party including payments under a co-ownership scheme. Residential accommodation charges can be paid under direct deductions as can certain hostel charges.

                water charges debt - this can include debt for water and sewerage. The deduction can be for both debt and current consumption.

                fines - The magistrates court can apply to have not only fines but costs and cmpensation orders to be deducted.

                child support payments - deductions can be made towards child maintenance. More information on child support payments.

                certain loans including
                - Social Fund loans - Budget and Crisis loans are nearly always recoved by deductions from benefit,
                - Loans made by 'not for profit' lenders, for example, credit unions and charities (more details),
                - Integration loans for new refugees can also be repaid by direct deductions.
                Is the claimant's consent needed?
                Deductions can be made without the claimant's consent for:

                Council Tax arrears
                Community Charge ("poll tax") arrears
                current housing costs, including current mortgage interest
                child support payments
                hostel or nursing home charges which are not covered by Housing Benefit
                The claimant's consent is required for deductions if they are for:

                rent and housing costs arrears
                fuel costs and arrears and fuel service charges
                water charges and arrears and water service charges
                loan repayments including integration loans
                and the total to be deducted is more than:

                for claimants not getting Child Tax Credit, 25% of their applicable amount for Income Support or income based Jobseekers Allowance or Pension Credit minimum guarantee
                for claimants getting Child Tax Credit (CTC), 25% of their CTC plus Child Benefit plus applicable amount or PC minimum guarantee but not any housing costs included in those
                If the total to be deducted is less than 25% of those figures deductions can be made


                  Originally posted by Mars Mug View Post
                  If I Remember Correctly it's something to do with remembering something correctly.
                  Thank you. I understand why I forgot now.



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                    Sorry but I must reitterate that she DID provide all documents which were initially requested before both parties signed the lease. This new, rigid requirement for a utility bill only came a day before the agreed move-in date.

                    This is not a case of a prospective tenant having no paper trail....
                    20-01-2022, 01:28 AM
                  • Letting Agent Withholding Key (Lease signed + rent paid)
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                    My partner has recently signed a lease through a well known property agent in London.

                    The lease was also signed by the landlord. References from current + previous employer, landlord, etc, and proof of address were requested before signing, and provided.

                    Upon signing the lease...
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                    Firstly, she already provided the previous lease, along with a document from the municipality of Amsterdam stating that she was registered as living there. I paid the bills as we were living together, and she has closed her Dutch bank account (as is required when you are no longer a resident). I'm sure...
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                    No bank statements with the old address on? These are available freely from your online account, or previous utility bills, council tax bills etc. I find it difficult to accept that they are unable to provide something. I would have concerns if you were my prospective tenant. You need to provide the...
                    20-01-2022, 01:02 AM
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                    by minorbark
                    When you put it like that I'm more inclined to edge towards the S21 route regardless. As much as part of me feels some compassion for the guy and doesn't want to lump more stress on top of someone who appears to be struggling already, as has been said before, none of us are acting as a charity.
                    19-01-2022, 22:51 PM
                  • Property damaged. Advice please
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                    Apologies if something similar has already been covered elsewhere. I did try to search but couldn't find anything that matched my situation particularly closely. A huge thanks in advance to any of you who do take the time to read and advise.

                    TLDR version: Police have forced entry into my...
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                    by minorbark
                    Thank you.

                    My initial contact with the police was just a phone call to the local station. As I almost half expected they wouldn't give up much info, I didn't particularly push back when they said as much and I left it at that. A formal complaint might fill in a few blanks in the story but...
                    19-01-2022, 22:37 PM
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                    by Hudson01
                    A back door way into finding out what did happen (or more info than you have now), is to ask for a callback from the local PCSO who covers the beat area where the tenant lives (go online and start a live chat), he or she will know far more about your tenant that a faceless comms operator at HQ or anyone...
                    19-01-2022, 22:17 PM
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                    by DoricPixie
                    Just because someone knocks on your door, even if it crescendos to them banging loudly on your door, it doesn’t mean you have to answer it or have to go and investigate.

                    If the tenant suffers from mental health issues and the police were sent round because someone thought the tenant’s...
                    19-01-2022, 21:47 PM
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                    by WebLand
                    From painful personal experience of this issue... You should formally contact the police, ask them why they broke the door down and ask for compensation. Their lawyer will then write to you with some information which may be useful for you to know (but not giving very much detail). I expect they'll...
                    19-01-2022, 21:31 PM