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  • Urgent advice needed - Problems abroad


    I hope you guys can help.

    We have an awkward situation with a tenant staying in our apartment in France.

    We have been renting out our apartment to people for a while now and have nothing but glowing reports of how excellent the resort is and how ideally located our apartment is etc, everybody has been it seems more than happy until now.

    We had a couple of rentals since Christmas and both of them including one that left on January 11th said how great their stay had been and no problems encountered, and even booked to come back in March.

    Then a guy goes in on January 12th and immediately starts complaining, there’s no heating there’s no hot water Bourg is a dump, the soldiers at the barracks are looking at me in a funny way, (I kid u not) etc etc.

    So we provided extra heaters incase there was a problem although the maintenance company say the buildings heating is working ok and we tried to explain that in small apartments you will have limited hot water and yes a bath with use up most of it and you may have to wait for it to reheat, a problem I have encountered all over the world for most of my life especially ski resorts and sometimes very expensive hotels.

    The main problem we have though which is what I am really concerned about is damp, we were told the day the latest guy arrived that a damp patch had suddenly appeared on our ceiling, as it was the first we had heard about it(no other tenants mentioned it) we were a bit unsure what to do and thought maybe a pipe had burst or something as it had suddenly appeared so we asked the maintenance guy from the building to investigate, he came round and said its noting to with the building it must be our ventilation system will need cleaning out, strange as it suddenly happened but ok we had someone clean out vents and make sure everything was operating ok, but now its getting worse at a rapid rate and covering a huge section of wall. Clearly the tenant is not happy and now is saying he is taking us to small claims court as we have ruined his holiday. He has been there 2 weeks and still has another 2 weeks to go.
    I really need to get some legal advice on where we stand. I want to get this problem solved, I am happy to refund him the last 2 weeks of his stay so he can go and find alternative accommodation and we can get this damp issue fixed, if its done this in 2 weeks I can't wait another 2 weeks to sort it now.

    What I need to find out is what do we do, do we have to provide alternative accommodation for him at any price, are we within our rights to say here is the rest of your rent we need you out to repair this....really unsure where we stand while all the time we have some guy complaining about everything including the damp (understandable) and an apartment with a problem I need to fix.

    Please please if anyone has any advice or can point us in the right direction we would be very very grateful.

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    I doubt that LZ can help, as your question cannot be answered other than under French law.
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