Shared house problems re tenant replacements/deposit

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  • Shared house problems re tenant replacements/deposit

    Hi everybody,

    I really need some good advice, because I got stacked in a house.
    When I moved in a shared room of this house, I paid one month bond to the person that was moving out. So I m "responsible" to find another person whenever I decide to move out. I didn't sign anything. There is the tenant that holds the letting contract of the whole house and collects every 26th of the month the single rents in advance.
    Now the situation is that since the beginning of January I began to look for a person to replace me, because I need to move at the end of January. The "rules" of the house say that I should introduce the new girl to everybody, specially to the girl who shares the room. The first visitor who came wasn't asked any question from this girl and she didn't talk at all with the visitor. Then this visitor after one hour told me that she really wanted that room and I was going to tell her that the deal was made. Instead I couldn't because the girl in my room wanted to meet another visitor. It took other days to get another visitor whom didn't like the room, so in the mean time I lost the interest of the first visitor. The rest of the month I just collected girls coming and not taking the bed. Now time's almost up and I proposed to the tenant to take the bond by the next mate moving in and not paying February. She instead rejected, asking me for the February rent and offering a future refund of the bond on my account whenever they find another mate (and I wouldn't either get the bond back, if they don't find anyone in one month).

    There is a partial responsibility of my room mate, because she made me lose the first visitor; also I didn't sign anything, so I guess is not legal.

    What should I do? Thanks

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