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    Attic room - fire safety

    I am a novice investor and I am about to purchase a town house. Contracts not yet exchanged. The basement will be converted to commercial – for use by a family member. I have chnage of use planning permission. The other three floors are to be let as residential – as a fully self contained two bedroom town house with its own entrance.

    The entire property (including the basement) has previously been let as three bedrooms (including the attic room) and is being advertised for sale as three bedrooms. My surveyor has raised the point that the attic room should not be considered as habitable – as it does not comply with current building regulations regarding safety and fire escape. Namely a) that there are no fire doors which are required in a three storey house) b the dormer window in the attic – is not useable as means of escape as it does not swivel fully open and it is too high above floor to be climbed through without a step ladder.

    I am keen to proceed with the property because of its commercial premise within the basement. However obviously I have computed my overall rental returns and value of the property based on the use of the attic room as a bedroom.

    Can anyone advise on the attic bedroom. For example can it still be offered as a bedroom with the appropriate rent. My Landlord responsibilities ?, liabilities ?. Can suitable insurance help.? If attic was not offered as bedroom – but the tenant chose to use it a bedroom – would this then be at their risk. Any help , opinions on how to proceed or direction to suitable documents or websites much appreciated.

    Can suitable insurance help.?
    what in case you kill your tenants in an unsafe house.

    would it not be better to make it safe! i don't know anyone who does insurance for the guilt of killing tenants.


      fire safety in attic

      If you search for 'attic conversion' and 'Building Control' on the internet- you will get lots of hits on the many Local Authority sites which between them give a huge amount of information and advice.

      Alternatively you could just ring your local council building control section and they will tell you or at least point you in the right direction.
      Whilst I hope you find the contents of this posting interesting and informative, the contents are without prejudice or liability and are for general information purposes only


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