Black mould, condensation and landlords/tenants

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    Originally posted by citizenz View Post
    I have a house with a bathroom in a very old lean to which was originally a coal store. Unfortunately the walls get cold so when someone has a bath it is rather prone to getting damp spots on the walls. I have for a number of year advised my tenants to use a solution containing about ten water to one vineigar. This is used to wipe down the walls regularly. It simply stops the mould forming. Mould does not like acid conditions, so in arreas particularly with solft water when you clean the walls and windows this then provides perfect condtions for mould to form. It is also possible to put vinegar in the last rinse of washing to also prevent this in textiles. It does not smell once dry.
    Excellent tip !
    and here are some more uses for vinegar !
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      I've got this problem in one of my flats. It's a nightmare - people say it is "damp" but I think it is just poor ventilation etc and condensation.

      I got my tenants a dehumidifer and then reduced the rent by £25 a month to pay for the running of it. They actually got the hang of it by working out the heating and ventilation etc but they are moving out this week and I am dreading the problem rearing it's ugly head again.

      Does the thermal wallpaper really work - I am very interested in this? My walls are hollow brick type and I have metal windows too.

      I tried to raise a loan for double glazed windows and some modifications to the property but despite having only a 30% mortgage the bank said no as I didn't earn the requisite amount of money per year.

      Is the thermal wallpaper something that you could use and pay a decorator to put up for you etc?


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