Black mould, condensation and landlords/tenants

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    Originally posted by citizenz View Post
    I have a house with a bathroom in a very old lean to which was originally a coal store. Unfortunately the walls get cold so when someone has a bath it is rather prone to getting damp spots on the walls. I have for a number of year advised my tenants to use a solution containing about ten water to one vineigar. This is used to wipe down the walls regularly. It simply stops the mould forming. Mould does not like acid conditions, so in arreas particularly with solft water when you clean the walls and windows this then provides perfect condtions for mould to form. It is also possible to put vinegar in the last rinse of washing to also prevent this in textiles. It does not smell once dry.
    Excellent tip !
    and here are some more uses for vinegar !
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      I've got this problem in one of my flats. It's a nightmare - people say it is "damp" but I think it is just poor ventilation etc and condensation.

      I got my tenants a dehumidifer and then reduced the rent by £25 a month to pay for the running of it. They actually got the hang of it by working out the heating and ventilation etc but they are moving out this week and I am dreading the problem rearing it's ugly head again.

      Does the thermal wallpaper really work - I am very interested in this? My walls are hollow brick type and I have metal windows too.

      I tried to raise a loan for double glazed windows and some modifications to the property but despite having only a 30% mortgage the bank said no as I didn't earn the requisite amount of money per year.

      Is the thermal wallpaper something that you could use and pay a decorator to put up for you etc?


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      • Tenancy break up
        Captain Birdseye
        Hi hope someone can help with this situation.

        Tenants have been with me for over a year and signed joint tenancy. Now on a periodic tenancy the lead tenant has given me 1 months notice to vacate the property due to relationship break down. The other person wishes to stay in the property...
        26-05-2018, 10:49 AM
      • Reply to Tenancy break up
        Just tell them they will all have to leave once she serves notice and explain the consequences if trespass if they dont leave. Once she has served the notice it cant be revoked so its out of your hands anyway
        27-05-2018, 15:03 PM
      • Attic conversion liability issues
        Hi, I am new to the letting business, and have just come into possession of a terraced house that I intend to let rather than sell. The attic in the house I am about to let out was converted 35 years ago, without building control or planning. Its fine, but doesnt satisfy modern regs in terms of fire...
        26-05-2018, 10:18 AM
      • Reply to Attic conversion liability issues
        Tenants will be tempted to sublet the attic or AirBnB it. If you have concerns about the attic space then I would say this property is not really suitable for letting
        27-05-2018, 14:59 PM
      • Dispute with landlord over deposit
        I have recently moved out of a property and requested my deposit back (£2000) from my landlord which has been protected in My Deposits scheme. I paid rent every month on time and gave him the correct amount of notice prior to moving out. I left the flat clean and received an email response from him...
        13-05-2018, 20:47 PM
      • Reply to Dispute with landlord over deposit
        Hi all,

        Thank you for all of your responses. They are very helpful.

        Mariner, to answer your questions, it was a joint tenancy, I am listed as the lead tenant and it is my name on the deposit scheme. He took out the insurance option, which means he has spent the money. What...
        27-05-2018, 13:10 PM
      • Gdpr
        Reading so much conflicting information.....I have 1 property, 1 tenant and I hols and electronic contract and have their email address, should I register and send a privacy notice?
        24-05-2018, 09:43 AM
      • Reply to Gdpr
        Thing is, if that were the case, now the law is in place, it is too late to email anyone to ask for consent for future emails. ...
        27-05-2018, 10:58 AM
      • Reply to Gdpr
        Stef Cooke
        Rarely! And the number of large corporations who got it all wrong, some of whom are now trying to say they are sorry, can they take it all back?

        I am holding off with the "I told you so's" for the more stridently convinced colleagues who were so rudely certain they had to ask...
        27-05-2018, 10:14 AM
      • moving furniture in before official occupation date.
        Thats it really, would you let tenants move their furniture in, before the official date on the t/a
        they have paid the deposit and the 1st months rent, signed the agreement, and have been offered a free van to use on a date a week before I am to give them the keys

        have been a landlord...
        23-05-2018, 09:33 AM