Need your help for my new property venture

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  • Need your help for my new property venture

    I'm in the process of launching a web application that allows property owners to advertise free-of-charge to prospective tenants. My intention is to target the small-time property owner as a lot of the larger property websites only allow agent-owned or run properties to be advertised. Revenues will largely come from advertising (keeping the service free for users) and I have opened discussions with a few charities that help the homeless. I'd like to affiliate myself with them and regularly donate a percentage of my turnover.

    I'd like to know what difficulties you face as landlords and how I could tailor my site to fit them. As the owners of a buy-to-let my parents expressed the difficulties they faced trying to market the house and I don't imagine they are alone.

    If you feel compelled to do so, feel free to check out the site or the blog. I'd love to help out!
    - The UK Rental Market, Mapped.

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