power of newly formed residents association?

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    power of newly formed residents association?

    just in the process of forming a residement compents comittee in a private block of flats.
    some renters but some owners in order to tackle a problematic landlord/managemant.
    we are forming to solve various issues mainly maintenance that never gets completed satisfactoraly, to building security which doesnt seem to be taken seriously
    from speaking to longer residents the landlords is very untrustworthy and gives various cock and bull stories to different tennants at different times.
    i wonder what power we have to reinforce requirements and make sure they are completed.
    a good example is the comunal bikestore was broke into last week and bikes stolen.. not only did he not inform any residents,nor police. he only made a piecemeal attempt to fix the door that that they gained access from. it is still unsecure in our eyes
    what power /recourse do we have to make sure work is done and taken seriously? could we carry out work ourselves and charge him..with hold rent / maintenance payments????



    There is lots of useful advice on this exact subject here:


    Good luck.



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