Taking one tenant off the agreement

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  • Taking one tenant off the agreement

    A couple both signed the AST and the man has now left leaving woman and baby in the house. They've been in the house for 2 years and have been really good tenants. She wants him to be taken off the contract asap so she can sort out benefits etc. I didn't get any notice from him. Is it enough for him to sign a deposit assignment and release agreement (I got this from the renting out for dummies book) or do i need to do a completely new contract with the remaining tenant alone?

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    A new agreement is much simpler, unless you have a reason for not wishing to grant a new tenancy starting from scratch.

    The other option is for a deed of assignment, transferring the existing joint tenancy from both of them to one of them. Is this the agreement you were referring to?

    As for the deposit, its simple if you start a new tenancy (return the old one and take a new one for the new tenancy). If you assign the tenancy, I'm not sure what the various schemes' rules are with regard to transferring the deposit, but someone here might or it would be easy enough to check on their websites.

    Good luck.



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