Can I make landlord clean-out black mould on walls?

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    Maybe you should have not rented the house in the first place, did you not see this when you viewed......I would contact the landlord and say you would like the jobs done as soon as possible (2 weeks would be a reasonable time frame), then if not done contact your enviromental health, they will know what is right and wrong,try to give the landlord the chance to rectify first, as contacting the enviromental health will set you off on the wrong footing if you intend to stay at the property.


      Did not see the extent of the mould no as no electrics at that time. Rung up environmental health and they said it should be ok to clean and repaint (wasnt what I expected to hear).

      I have also arranged for council to collect 1st sofa on Monday so we are getting there.

      I still would prefer the let to start a week later at least as there is so much to do there.


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