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    agency unauthorised access to property

    hello again

    i have tonight arrived home to find a strang man in my house-share fixing the flooring in my bathroom. The person is not accompanied by any agency staff whilst doing the "job". this is now the 2nd time that access has been given to people without our prior (24hrs) notice. the last time we did put it in writing that no further access is allow without notifying us.

    1. What can i do about the unauthorised access (besides asking the landlard again to to do so)!
    2. Are there any "watch dogs" that can advice me! e.g. local council
    3. What if items are missing (difficult to tell but what if). Will i still be liable for missing "goods" once the contract ends?? should a inventory list be taken again? or am i being too untrusting??
    4. we have 2 women at the property and they have previously stated that they do feel less safe in the house knowing that somebody may have access to the house other than the agency. Is it fair to ask the agency to change to locks to the house? (this man has the key in his possession, nothing has stops him making a duplicate at the key maker around the corner!!)

    thank you for you advice

    If I understand correctly you rent a room in a house, this situation usually gives you exclusive use of your room and use of the shared facilities the landlord or their agent should not enter your room without your permission but you only have 'use' of the rest of the property the landlord can enter that area.



      we rent the house from the agency not the room. a tenancy agreement for the house is in place.

      what are my options!!



        Ring the tenancy liaison officer at your local council. This is precisely the type of problem they deal with. They will advise you and write a letter to the agency, reminding them of their responsibilities. They must give you 24hrs notice in writing. I have used my local one on several occasions.



          thanks for that susan. Agencies like mine give all other agencies a very bad name!!



            Just read this thread. Omneo your agent should take very seriously your complaint, and you should state that you want compensation for illegal entry into the property. If you were to contact somebody like Pain Smith solicitors, they would have a field day.

            I would be making a huge fuss about this and it has not been unknown for landlords (that's who action has to be taken aginst I'm afraid, as the agent cannot be sued) to find themselves on the wrong end of £10,000 compensaiton - really! The Protection from Eviction Act 1977 is the main breach here and is in fact harrassment.

            If the owner knew about this would he be taking a different line with his agent? Write to him. If you don't know his address write to the agent as he must give you this information within 21 days by law. You can't ask for it by telephone you must do so in writing.
            The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


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