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    DSS Tenant

    Our first property is up for let at the end of the month and after lots of advice from people here we advertised "No DSS" (or housing benefit claimants for the pc here!). However, i had a call from a mother who wanted the property for her son who was moving from down south but will be unelmployed on his arrival.

    Again after taking advice here i have instructed a letting form to organise the let and they also advised no DSS. So i told the lady, contact the letting agent and sort it out!!

    Well, the letting agent called and said that they have offered the son the house but 6 months rent is payable immediately and will be held by the agents and i will get my rent monthly.

    If they go for it, this sounds great, i have rent for 6 month guarenteed; any pitfalls?????

    My first reaction on reading your post, is to wonder why these agents are keeping the six months money instead of giving it you. ( You could put it in a investment account and have the interest) Why should they have it. They have also disregarded your instructions re no DSS. I'd be more worried about the agents. Why are you using one? If the mother is prepared to act as guarantor then maybe take him. However it would depend on his age (do not take under 21's). Whatever you do see the man and use your gut instinct. He may get a job or he may not. In six months time you could have trouble. There are good DSS tenants, but there are also those who you wish you had never met.


      Sorry, i should apologise, it is my wording. They did not 'offer' the son the tenancy, they called me and asked what i thought. They said they have done this many times (took 6 months rent).

      They also stated that the rent would be held in a non interest account (but i only have their word for that).

      I'm hoping the son, is a 'man' ie over 30!! But good point, i never thought to ask that (pretty obvious when you think about it!) I was just concerned about getting someone in there asap!

      Back on the phone tomorrow.



        That's the problem when it is your first property - I do know the feeling. You are worried that no one will take it, and worry about paying the mortgage. But if you have a good property, there are plenty of good tenants about. So don't jump at the first one, unless you are really sure about him or her. Better a weeks wait than a bad experience in a few month's time. If the agents are keeping the rent in a no interest account then more fool them! It's silly to waste money when you could be getting 5% before tax. It would certainly help to pay the mortgage. Sorry if I am banging on about this, but I don't like seeing people being taken for a ride. Wishing you the best of luck.


          I am of the opinion that your rental agents are talking Bo**ocks! Who is kidding who?? Any business with (say) £1800 hanging around will invest it to gain interest. You should insist on the entire sum being handed to you forthwith and you can then gain the interest yourself which is some minute compensation for the additional risks of taking on a DSS tenant.

          Any information given in this post is based on my personal experience as a landlord, what I have learned from this and other boards and elsewhere. It is not to be relied on. Definitive advice is only available from a Solicitor or other appropriately qualified person.


            I was desparate to let my room because I was going abroad

            Although I asked the agent to find someone mature & no DSS they sent to young 20 something boys

            Anyway I was swayed to take one of them because the parents were paying rent up front & deposit. Plus a standing order each month into my account.

            As soon as I left everything went pear shaped. He calimed HB & I never got the rent form the parents

            The boy had all his mates in the house, started selling drugs & prostitutes. I had to come back from Africa to sort it all out despite planning to be away for a year

            I had to call the police on him three time & he threatened me with a knife
            What was clear was that the parents were paying me to taken on their problem

            I eventually chucked him out probably illegally. But this was over a year ago & I'm still suffering the consequences

            I had to cut short my year away & my other lodgers were so distressed that they're still going on about it everytime I speak to them

            Whatever you do don't take the parents money if the kid is young. Don't make my mistake of going for the ££££€€€€€


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