Housing Association interfering- tenant's carer occupies

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    Housing Association interfering- tenant's carer occupies

    My Mum is an assured tenant in a single bed flat. She is very disabled, wheelcahir bound, and has had a huge care package, which a few months ago started to be funded by NHS continuing healthcare (CHC). She has had a short say in hospital but would like to return home; but the healthcare people need to put the required care in place and have come up with a 24hr carer, instead of carers popping in and out throughout the day, at least until we know how my Mum can cope.

    The flat is part of a extra care complex run by the local council in partnership with the HA. When my Mum first moved in it was mearely sheltered housing. Her care had always been independant of the complex in the past, but we have been relying more on in house care more recently.

    The carer needs their own room to sleep in (for reasons of privacy) so we have decided that Mum will move into the lounge for now.

    The HA was informed of our intention to do this by the council care side of the operation, and has been trying to get involved with rubber stamping its suitability.

    I say that really it is not there business unless it breaches the tenancy agreement, but they are fussing...thinking that they are looking out for my mothers best interests, but healthcare is not their area of expertise and they are not trained to know my mothers needs so I find their interference inappropriate.The HA say that they are responsible for health and safety within the flat. But my mother has a right of privacy.

    They have already admitted there is nothing they can do to stop us, but their interferance is underminning the confidence of the representatives of the other agencies who feel that the HA must 'approve'.

    I feel it is up to the healthcare professionals to assess H&S for their employees.

    Any tips on how to finally shut up the HA ? Or advice. Thanks

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