Is there a website rating each Landlord/Letting Agent?

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    Is there a website rating each Landlord/Letting Agent?

    I and many of my friends & colleagues who rent have found it particularly difficult to find information & reviews about individual agencies or LL's. We can of course ask for previous T's references on the LL but this can often seem intrusive and some LL's dont like to give this.

    Most of the good ones of course find their way through via word of mouth but these are often hard to comeby especially if you dont know anyone else renting.

    As far as I know there is no common platform which allows for a rating service - whereby people (as in T's,individuals etc) can rate an agency or LL thus allowing other professional tenants access to the decent well managed properties they want. & review centre does it okay, but im not a fan of the layout or the site itself & I think it can be improved upon - a little competition is always good! plus the fact that there are many companies not listed. Other than individual areas its difficult to source decent agents/LL's especially for people moving into the area. Someone create it pleeeeease. I know that it can be hard to create these, especially as people often only review things when they have had a bad experience but I think it would be a really worthwhile service.

    someone make it!? or suggest a decent review site?

    Take a look at

    I sincerely hope that this site does not become a place to rate landlords, tenants, letting agents.


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    • Reply to '' Breathing Space '' - Spring Time 2021.
      by Ted.E.Bear
      it is while people are having emergency treatment for serious problems, not just any "mental health issues".
      There are also procedures to get it cancelled if it is unfair or if the debtor could afford to pay....
      18-01-2021, 21:50 PM
    • '' Breathing Space '' - Spring Time 2021.
      by Hudson01

      Not too sure if this has been posted before but i have not see it........ should be interesting.

      This little bit worried me ............'' the Breathing Space ends 30 days after the tenant’s treatment ends.''
      16-01-2021, 10:12 AM
    • Reply to Transferring PO to the High Court
      by nreid
      Perce, are you quite sure that you don’t need permission? I had a successful hearing about this in Jan. It was s8 so could evict now but need to certify the six months arrears. HCEO are private companies who are raring to go and will sort the high Court paperwork for you as part of the package....
      18-01-2021, 21:43 PM
    • Transferring PO to the High Court
      by Perce
      I have applied to transfer possession order to the High Court for enforcement. How long does it take ? 2 - 3 weeks ? Also do they notify a tenant ?...
      17-01-2021, 10:15 AM
    • Reply to Court review
      by ddq
      Hi all, can you give mesome more insight please. If I don't need HCEO, I don't need any writ of control, do I? The solicitors don't have to waste time and money on it at all, so should refund me the total fee for that line item HCEO, or is there any work they have to do in relation to that? I just wanted...
      18-01-2021, 20:14 PM
    • Court review
      by OS7
      My possession claim is up for review today. I thought “ finally” . It was marked on review documentation to be at 12:00 05/11. I received no calls from anyone as yet. Could someone who has undergone review, please let me know if I have to make the call. I am worried that no one...
      05-11-2020, 15:15 PM
    • Reply to '' Breathing Space '' - Spring Time 2021.
      by Hudson01
      I can see what jpkeats is saying, and when you read into it, it does state who can determine if the tenant will be protected by that particular clause in the legislation but as with all these things they start off stern but often slide and more people than ever imagined come under the umbrella....
      18-01-2021, 18:20 PM
    • Reply to Working Tenants but UC Top-up.
      by nukecad
      It's not quite against the law yet, but it's coming soon and so insurers and mortgage providers are changing their terms and ammending terms for existing policies so that those terms don't exclude benefit claimants from rentals, many already have.

      There have been a couple of court cases...
      18-01-2021, 18:07 PM
    • Working Tenants but UC Top-up.
      by Claymore

      One of my long term tenants (almost 10 years) who had always received housing benefit top up. She has never been a day late with rent or short even. She has now relocated and is temporarily staying with me. Straight away, she has found a job and now she is looking for a new property....
      18-01-2021, 11:35 AM
    • Reply to Forced to sell because of dangerous neighbours
      by nukecad
      That's what I was meaning, now two 'problem' housholds/neighbours (possibly warring against each other) instead of one.

      There goes the neighbourhood, and that's how problem estates start....
      18-01-2021, 17:42 PM