non-slip bathroom flooring

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    non-slip bathroom flooring


    I own a few letted properties and 2 have carpetted bathroom floors and 3 have tiles.

    However, 1 has carpet tiles which have worn out very quickly.

    Can anybody recommend a floor covering which is not carpet, carpet tiles or caramic tiles.

    I would put down vinyl but I don't believe it's non-slip (which i would want as a tenant who slipped before caused me too much trouble).


    Jack S

    You can get special bathroom non-slip vinyl - my mum has just had some fitted! Not expensive either.
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      Hi - all my properties (15) have vinyl flooring, and in 20 years we have not had any reports of tenants slipping. In any case it is often the water spilt on the floor which causes trouble, not the flooring itself. What ever you do, don't use carpet, it is so unhygienic, and they smell after a few months.


        they do cork flooring and tiles looks good and easy to fit


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