Joint tenancy ended- one tenant using break clause

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    In the end the landlord overruled the agency, and accepted my original notice, allowing me to move out on the original date I had given notice for, and not holding me liable for additional rent. The agency had not informed him that they had even received any notice from the tenants at any point. He only found out when my flatmate bumped into his brother and told him the situation.

    It was so close to the move out date by that point, and the agency had kept things so up in the air, that he also allowed the other tenant to occupy and pay for just half the flat for a further two weeks after the end of the tenancy after I moved out. He did this because she had held off committing to a new lease elsewhere with the concern that she would have to then pay for two places if the agency had not agreed for us to move out on the date that notice had been given for.

    The landlord ended up employing another agency to find tenants as he was so angry with the original agency. They had not even bothered to advertise our flat on their website up to one week before I moved out (7 weeks after I gave notice). Last thing I heard he was still trying to claim back two months' worth of fees that he wanted to be compensated for.

    The agency at no point made any attempt to correct the situation, even arguing with the landlord to the bitter end that he should not let the tenants move out! This agency was the most unprofessional company I've ever had to deal with in my life.


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