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    LL/Tenant Professional Cleaning

    I found the site and forum whilst researching how we might promote our services to landlords and tenants alike.

    There seem to be lots of disputes over the way tenants leave a property? Disputes lead to hassle and stress all round. Essentially the LL wants the property re-let ASAP, whilst the tenants want the deposit back (idealism I know!)

    Do LLs feel it would be a useful service to have their properties cleaned and certified prior to letting?

    In order to remove the hassle of handover can an arrangement be made with the tenant/LL with regards to a cleaning service? This way the LL knows his property will be in a good state of cleanliness and the tenants can therefore expect their deposit back. (subject to there being no damage or other issues of course)

    For example, can it be part of the contract that the Tenant has to use a cleaning service on exit?

    What would you need from the service?
    General cleaning?
    Carpet Cleaning?
    Steam Cleaning? (hard flooring, bathrooms etc)
    Oven Cleaning?

    All feedback/comments appreciated.

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