Happy New Year to good and bad Lanldords or Tenants

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    Happy New Year to good and bad Lanldords or Tenants

    To all of you ........

    Have a nice one

    Happy new year one and all! As usual on New Years Day, I'm like a bear with a sore head today
    Any posts by myself are my opinion ONLY. They should never be taken as correct or factual without confirmation from a legal professional. All information is given without prejudice or liability.


      Happy New Year

      A Happy and prosperous New Year to all our web site visitors - to this forum on LandlordZONE, to LandlordLOG.com and users of the TenantVERIFY.co.uk and other services.
      A special thanks to all those experienced landlords and professionals willing to take the time and trouble to help others by posting answers to questions posed here - you are providing a valued and worthwhile service.
      Also, many thanks to all our advertisers and sponsors who make the service possible.
      We like to think that all landlord and tenant visitors to this site are good ones.
      We have lots of plans to improve the service which the LandlordZONE site offers its visitors in 2006. If you have any thoughts or suggestions in this regard we would very much welcome your feed-back.
      Best wishes to all...
      Tom Entwistle, Editor.


        Originally posted by Editor
        If you have any thoughts or suggestions in this regard we would very much welcome your feed-back
        Number one for me would a decent searching facility!!

        Newbies often get flamed on here for asking the same old questions, and told to go away and search the archives; however, frequently the search tool isn't working, or it fails to find stuff you know is there, or it says 'too many hits to display' (or similar)

        Happy New Year to all!


          Ericthelobster has got a very valid point. There are a number of questions which come up here frequently. I can think of: Section 21 notices for fixed term and statutory periodic tenancies, service and terms of section 8 notices, action to be taken when tenants leave possessions behind after vacating a property, Service of notices, essential terms needed in AST's (Paul F's posts need scrutiny for these), and there are a number of others. To help many of us posters repeating ourselves time and time again, some texts are needed to which posters can be quickly referred. On checking the main site, few if any or the links along the top now work, and I can remember being referred to it many years ago for an excellent article covering the issue of S21 and S8 notices. Could I find it now? No way! I appreciate that Tom has to find funds to pay for this site and the advertisers on his main site are obviously the way. Thus he has to be careful not to tread on his advertisers toes, however the information on the main site does need to be made more accessible and this will no doubt be helped when it is re-vamped as it is now clearly showing its age!

          While I am thinking about it, apart from the above an article covering the pitfalls of renting to HB tenants and the problems introduced by local authorities would also be of value.

          However, thanks for a great site Tom, I and many of my fellow landlords have learned a great deal from it and try to return the favour by helping out when we can. I think the same can be said for a number of rental agents as well!

          Any information given in this post is based on my personal experience as a landlord, what I have learned from this and other boards and elsewhere. It is not to be relied on. Definitive advice is only available from a Solicitor or other appropriately qualified person.


            Useful site

            Best wishes to all who use the site. As I am new to this site, having read all the posts for a few weeks, there is so much help and witty comments on here it makes life easier for those of us who are new to lettings. I have bought the Southcourt package (1 yr ago) and although most people have slated it, I found it a great start, however, I have read up on most of the things I need to know in other places as well. I am also having training this year, with ARLA, so not all new agents are useless. Brilliant informative site, I print out lots of the problems as I am sure I shall encounter some of them in my work. I look forward to reading comments from the regulars too. Am sure I will like the improvements that no doubt will be coming over the next few months.


              Well on the whole I believe the site is excellent, and a fantastic reference for everyone. There are a couple of areas where there could be small improvments however, in my opinion:

              - Some method of having particularly informative threads easily accessed. This could be stickies, but this method was validly argued against. How about perhaps, simply a page with a list of topics, with a list of useful threads under each topic? With a link at the top?

              - A general forum area, for posts such as this one - cant see any downside to having it really, would keep some of the more general discussions that happen seperate from the informative threads in their relevant sections. Any other new sections people think should be added?

              - A better ratings system for threads, something where people perhaps "opt out" of voting, rather than "opting in", if you see what I mean. Basically, something that will be more available. And perhaps the facility to search threads by rating. And perhaps, even, ratings system for "posters" - as has been rightly pointed out, the "senior member" etc tags can be a bit misleading for new members, as it is done purely on number of posts.

              On a side note, I have a fair bit of experience in PHP(albeit not really anything on this kind of scale), so if you ever needed any help adding some features, I would be happy to help out. Whether I would be any use or not is another matter
              Any posts by myself are my opinion ONLY. They should never be taken as correct or factual without confirmation from a legal professional. All information is given without prejudice or liability.


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              • Reply to Winter of Unpaid Bills
                by theartfullodger
                Today's Times main cartoon (after Raymond Briggs)..
                11-08-2022, 07:35 AM
              • Winter of Unpaid Bills
                by jpucng62
                Does anyone think their tenants are ready for the huge rises in energy bills this winter? Given that unit prices are expected to more than double from where we are now (and that is a big rise already) does anyone think tenants really have a grasp on this?

                With mortgage rates going up fast...
                10-08-2022, 10:50 AM
              • Reply to Winter of Unpaid Bills
                by JBJ01
                While many on here worked their socks off for years during the day and then evenings and weekends putting their money into property, many others decided to live for the day and have total disregard for the future and what it may bring.

                Heading off to graft on house renovations in the afternoon,...
                11-08-2022, 05:17 AM
              • Reply to Winter of Unpaid Bills
                by SouthernDave
                Good point...
                10-08-2022, 19:09 PM
              • Reply to Winter of Unpaid Bills
                by DPT57
                I'm more concerned at the possibility of a winter of unheated rental properties and then the tenants expecting me to deal with the resultant mold.
                10-08-2022, 19:04 PM
              • Reply to Dps deposit
                by Codger
                I think the deposit of five weeks rent is more trouble than its worth. Not taking deposits means being a bit more selective in choosing tenants.
                Considering the value of the asset the tenants are trusted with the deposit rules are crazy. But thats only one of the red tape obstacles to being a...
                10-08-2022, 18:22 PM
              • Dps deposit
                by Jm1972
                Hi All,

                i would be grateful if I could get some help please.

                I got an estate agents to find me a tenant and do all the paperwork and get proof of service for everything, tenant moved in and paid deposit just over a week ago.

                The estate agents took the deposit from...
                08-08-2022, 22:40 PM
              • Reply to Winter of Unpaid Bills
                by jpkeates
                The daft thing is that because people will owe them the money, it won't even affect the energy company profits.
                10-08-2022, 16:52 PM
              • Reply to Dps deposit
                by jpkeates
                Looking after a significant amount of someone else's money is not a trivial undertaking.

                I spent most of my career designing and building business solutions to replace manual processes.
                So I have a reasonable idea of what's possible.

                There's nothing in it but downside...
                10-08-2022, 16:50 PM
              • Reply to Winter of Unpaid Bills
                by Hudson01
                As said the idea of simply not paying is in the realms of crazy. They can get a warrant and fit a pre-payment meter to the house without your consent, i understand they will not be able to do this with everyone but the message will soon go out if they target the 1st few thousand, and as said your credit...
                10-08-2022, 16:47 PM