Tenant not paid last 5 months rent (hb) and left...

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    Tenant not paid last 5 months rent (hb) and left...


    a tenant of mine moved into my property in october 2007 (12month ast) and was claiming HB (which was getting paid directly to me £300 pcm).

    in april 2008 he faked a new agreement (6month ast) and increased rent to £350.. rent was paid directly to tenant from that point.

    he didnt pay for 2 months so i rang HB and told them to pay me directly becasue T is not paying. 3 months later still nothing been paid and HB wont pay directly to me because tenant wont sign paper sent by HB

    so in oct 2008 he packed his bags and left with 5 months rent owed and HB saying we have been paying.

    whats teh best way to chase this tenant? small claims court or country court?

    i have his parents adress and his new adress

    thank you

    Yeah, I'd haul the ex-tenant through the country court and the county court.

    Initiate a claim using Money Claim Online. You should at the very least stick a county court judgment against his name.

    Have you been in contact with the local authority to report your suspicion that this person faked his LHA claim?


      yeah iv been in touch with local housing a couple of times and told them hes faked an agreement and not paid rent, hes moved out and they are still paying for his housing


        Your comment regarding HB makes no sense. If the tenant is 8 weeks in arrears HB or LHA must be paid directly to you. All you need to do is prove the arrears - easily done with a rent book. There is no "paper" for the tenant to sign.


          Was your contact with the local authority in writing, with you clearly identifying yourself and the property?


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