Council bond scheme called "Let Wise Rent Wise"

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    Council bond scheme called "Let Wise Rent Wise"

    Showing a prospective tenant around tomorrow but have received an email asking if we would accept a bond instead of a deposit on a scheme called let wise\rent wise from the council - Manchester - for people like her - what does this mean anyone - email putting me off as well - manchestertart

    Hi Apexblue,

    It sounds to me as if it is a council bond which they help people who are homeless with. The council give a bond upto a months rent but only for the first 12months of the tenancy (atleast it is around my way) then they expect the tenant to have built up a deposit to pay the landlord direct.

    As for the manchestertart email address, can I have her phone number? LOL

    No seriously, You will probably find she is on benefits and wont be putting her hand in her own pocket to pay anything to you it will all be government handouts. So as they say - "the decision is yours"



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