No heating- L's duty under s.11; effect on rent?

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    My last post was full of emotion as you can see, but nothing untrue, just maybe a bit unstructured.

    Just to see if anyone has anything else to say in this topic at the moment - as of today we haven't had a shower in our own apartment for seven days. The shower now has cold water running but there is still no hot water as mentioned in the post above.


      What a week you've had! Unfortunately, with the bank-holiday weekend (obviously not your landlords fault) I fear you may be waiting a little longer for satisfaction.

      The priority has to be heat and hot water, you need a serious but friendly conversation with your landlord about this as it is a legal responsibility. The fact that he has to wait until the manufacturer turns up shouldn't be your problem, it is his. If he must wait until the manufacturer turns up - then he needs to provide you with an alternative solution - maybe something like this

      I am glad to hear that the landlord is being co-operative with you and I hope that you have a happy stay in your new home. In a couple of months time this hassle will be all but forgotten.


        Refund for convector heaters

        We’ve been living for over a year in a rented property managed by an agency. We really like the property, care about it as our own house, and always pay on time - £500 a month.
        Couple weeks ago on Friday afternoon a problem with boiler appeared. Off course we informed agency straight away. But since that time we’d had no hot water nor heating. I sent my husband to buy a convector heater, because we have 2 little girls at home (2 weeks & 19months old) so we could have at least one room heated. Few plumbers came and look at the boiler.
        On Wednesday evening we’d been informed that it can’t be fixed and our LL got us a new one, which was installed on the following Monday. In the meantime we bought another 2 heaters, because it was too cold (3bed property). All together we had been left without hot water and central heating for 10 days.
        I have to mention that I had to make a numerous calls to the agency to speed up the process. We spoke to the agency manager that we would like to claim money back for heaters we bought, but we’ve been informed that our LL doesn’t agree to that, because he made all the effort to fix the problem in such a short lenght of time and that he spend £2000 already and he’s not going to pay any more. I could not even speak personally to LL because I was informed that agency manages the property (we never met nor spoke to our LL).

        Is that wright? Is there anything we can do to get our money back? Or can we deduct it off the rent without any consequence?

        Thank you for any help.


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        • Reply to Tenant in Prison
          by hybrice
          I think you're referring to Section 8 Ground 14, which is discretionary and not where I'd hang my argument. Better to go in on arrears as it's a mandatory ground, obviously also cite ground 14 into the mix to make it more convincing, assuming you have proof that is the case - if you don't, it would...
          01-10-2020, 12:49 PM
        • Tenant in Prison
          by Smileypjd
          Could I ask people their opinion on a predicament we find ourselves in.

          I started taking care of a small portfolio of lettings on behalf of my father. They are all within a courtyard setting on his farm.
          Arranging tenants and collecting rent is taken...
          30-09-2020, 09:09 AM
        • Reply to Ex-Landlord won’t budge on deposit deductions
          by Bellaby
          I mean I offered to pay him £100 for the wall and £60 for the other bits. Also my contract hadn’t actually finished when I went to do the last few bits it finished the day after, we just moved out early to allow time for everything. I think £160 for a toilet seat 3 bulbs and 2 small walls to paint...
          01-10-2020, 12:29 PM
        • Ex-Landlord won’t budge on deposit deductions
          by Bellaby
          Hi me and my friend where co-tenants in a 2 bed flat for the past 15 months. The flat was fine and the landlord was ok, a little rude once to my friend who is Polish and it took him 3 months to complete a simple toilet repair but other than that he was fine.
          On checking out we hired a professional...
          01-10-2020, 10:45 AM
        • Reply to Ex-Landlord won’t budge on deposit deductions
          by jpkeates
          I agree with this, although the landlord is also being a bit unreasonable.

          The walls could be contentious.
          On the one (tenant favouring) extreme, the landlord was obviously going to paint the whole place anyway, so there was no loss linked to the damage done by the tenant. So there...
          01-10-2020, 11:44 AM
        • Reply to Tenant moves his girlfriend in
          by jpkeates
          I meant that the landlord couldn't charge the tenant for the specific things I was suggesting - I wasn't suggesting novating the agreement - novating a single person tenancy into a joint tenancy agreement is likely to be difficult.

          However, I was also wrong - the landlord can charge the...
          01-10-2020, 11:39 AM
        • Tenant moves his girlfriend in
          by Hollywood
          Hi all, I've searched for similar thread but didn't succeed.
          My Tenant of 14 months, now on a SPT, has moved his girlfriend in. I'm ok with arrangement, it was mentioned by him when he first moved in but they split and nothing happened until now. He has been a good tenant so far & kindly...
          30-09-2020, 14:12 PM
        • Reply to Ex-Landlord won’t budge on deposit deductions
          by DPT57
          I think you are a bit. Once you've left you have no right of access to clean or effect repairs and its the landlords job to get that work done. From what youve said I think you owe a small contribution for the wall and light bulbs. Maybe £50 in total. I would offer that in settlement and dispute anything...
          01-10-2020, 11:27 AM
        • Reply to Ending Joint Tenancy & Agency Fees
          by DPT57
          You have no legal obligation to find a replacement tenant. Thats just a convenience for the agent. If you give notice the tenancy will end for everyone and its up to the agency to sort out the rest. That's what the landlord is paying them for.
          01-10-2020, 11:20 AM
        • Reply to Ex-Landlord won’t budge on deposit deductions
          by Bellaby
          Okay I will have a look when I have computer access at home later. Thank you for your replies!
          I am assuming that you guys don’t think I am being unreasonable?...
          01-10-2020, 11:20 AM