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    Does anyone know how to trace a tenant after they have been evicted in order to get monies owed? I know that papers for the small claims court can be delivered to the last known address but as they are working I would rather find them and be in with a chance of getting something.

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    I honestly can't remember the name of any Woofy, sorry, but there are several companies about who will do a trace for you, and attempt to find the current address of a specified person. However, you obviously need to weigh up the potential cost of such a service, and the possibility(probability?) that it will not work. I have seen some that have "no find no fee", but of course their fee may be quite expensive at the end. When trying to find someone in this way, it is of course extremely difficult due to DPA. My personal experience of these services is that the companies will literally send out a letter to their last 2 or 3 known addresses, asking the current occupants for any info they know.
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