managing agents enter property without warning and remove shower!

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    managing agents enter property without warning and remove shower!

    the neighbours living below me complained about a leak so I gave them the managing agent's number as I could detect the leak myself.

    the agents then a week or two later send someone without any warning to remove my shower. Later that day I get a phone message saying that I could not use my shower till they had done some work to fix the leak.

    They gave me no prior warning to entering the property and did not discuss with me any alternatives to removing my shower (it would have been very easy to cover the small area where the water is likely to be leaking with something temporary, or even to use the shower at a lower angle to avoid hitting the danger spot). In any case I came home late tonight, having had a long and difficult week and really looking forward a shower, and bam!

    That was the first moment I realised what they had actually done. They hadn't even made it clear from their message what they had done.

    I feel my home has been violated. They have not indicated when they will do the necessary work to fix the shower. How long will I have no shower?

    My immediate reaction was to stop paying my rent till they sorted it, but they must have known that I have just paid this month's rent so that means I could be without a shower for a month before it starts to affect them.

    So my latest thinking is that I will buy myself a new shower tomorrow morning, change the locks, patch up the area in the shower with a temporary but adequate cover and withold my expenses from next months rent.

    I won't charge to aggrevation and my time wasted, only for materials involved.

    Is this a reasonable and/or legally viable option please?

    I don't feel I can trust these agents to have a key if they are going to violate my home in this way. What will they do next? Will I come home one night and find my fridge is gone? lol

    many thanks for your advice =p

    See this thread regarding landlord entering property (they cant claim they were entering for an emergency if its 1 or 2 weeks later).

    "So my latest thinking is that I will buy myself a new shower tomorrow morning, change the locks, patch up the area in the shower with a temporary but adequate cover and withold my expenses from next months rent."

    I would call them & give them 48 hours to sort it, then get it done myself but properly not a temporary job.


      ok thanks for the advice much appreciated


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