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    Need help with Repair Terms and Conditions for


    I am dealing with a difficult tenant and am planning to do some disrepairing work to this property. To ensure he understand his and mine reposibilities while the builders are doing the work, I would very much appreciated if someone can share with me or point me to the right direction how I can come up with terms and conditions to make sure he does not claim later.


    I take it you mean repair work as opposed to disrepair!

    I think a little more information is required from you regarding the nature of the work and the type of tenancy and the property itself before posters can try to help you and answer your questions.

    Also more specific questions...claim what exactly??


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    • Partner as Permitted occupier worries
      Lauren 1234
      Hi all

      Apologies if this has been answered somewhere but u have looked everywhere and can' find an answer!!

      My current landlord is selling their property so I have put an app in for a new one. I have been renting on my own for three years and not caused any problems my credit...
      21-01-2018, 12:28 PM
    • Reply to Partner as Permitted occupier worries
      Credit ref checks are only required for signatory Ts or Guarantor, but as LL I would credit ref anyone wishing to reside in my property. Explain to LL/LA in writng (dated) that you apply as sole T, but you wish your named partner/bf as permtted occupier. LL can reject your T applicaiion.
      22-01-2018, 01:49 AM
    • tenant hasn't paid last months rent
      Hi there I am in a bit of a weird situation. Basically, 1 month ago I handed my section 21 notice to the tenant to leave the property. the T should be moving out of the property mid February. The T has always paid on time and kept the house in a good and clean condition. However when I checked to see...
      21-01-2018, 13:25 PM
    • Reply to tenant hasn't paid last months rent
      Thanks for all of the great answers guys.

      red hitman, I will send a letter first class recorded tomorrow stating that the rent is now a week over due.

      Boletus, I served the section 21 to get the house back so i could live in it, I gave them two months notice, 4 months into...
      22-01-2018, 00:49 AM
    • Landlord/Tenant payment dispute
      Hi everyone,

      I’ve rented properties with my family for lots of years. We’ve had the odd minor disagreement here and there with landlords but nothing major and nothing we’ve been unable to resolve ourselves. All in all renting has been quite straightforward and easy as you’d expect...
      20-01-2018, 21:24 PM
    • Reply to Landlord/Tenant payment dispute
      So to cut the long story short;

      The accidental fire damaged/moved the oil level gauge, because of this the oil ran out and so the system needed bleeding/resetting.

      If the resultant damage was entirely casued by the fire, the cost of rectification should be covered by insurance....
      22-01-2018, 00:07 AM
    • Reply to Landlord/Tenant payment dispute
      This is a long story so can I try to summarise -- because it is not entirely clear what you are being asked to pay:

      Possible summary:

      The meter on the oil tank was bust. As a result of the bust meter, we ran the tank dry. Air got into the system as a result. I am being presented...
      21-01-2018, 23:30 PM
    • Reply to tenant hasn't paid last months rent
      That seems poorly worded.

      The tenant can't agree to use the deposit for rent "in any way or at any time", that TA specifically states that he can't.

      That doesn't mean that you can't claim unpaid rent against the deposit, just that the tenant can't agree to it....
      21-01-2018, 23:23 PM
    • Reply to Partner as Permitted occupier worries
      Than can refuse or not for whatever (legal) reason they like.

      CCJs are not binary things. As a landlord I would want the FULL details of what exactly the CCJ was about, with evidence.

      It is fairly hard to stop you from taking on a lodger, but if landlord feels hoodwinked they...
      21-01-2018, 23:20 PM
    • Reply to tenant hasn't paid last months rent
      Depends on why you served the section 21.

      Are they in breach of the tenancy agreement?

      If you are selling up, why didn't you give a lot more amicable notice?

      If you just woke up one morning and decided to serve it on a whim I would be very interested....
      21-01-2018, 20:18 PM