Stuck with stinky mouldy washing machine?

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  • Stuck with stinky mouldy washing machine?

    Hi everyone,

    I moved into a not-very-cheap rental property, and then found out that the washing machine is a biohazard.

    I tried everything possible, many boilwashes with soda crystals, vinegar and baking powder, but within 48 hours it smells like a sewer and everything washed in there pongs. The soaptray gets caked in black mould no matter how much I clean it, and the seal is pitted with mould and caked-on matter that I really do not want to get too close to. I've been visiting the laundrette but that is not only expensive, but also takes time!

    My landlord first didn't answer her e-mail for 4 weeks, then she said I have to just use this machine, when I offered to buy my own, she wanted me to store the old one, either on the premises or at my own expense. I withdrew my offer to buy one because I don't have space to store hers, nor do I have the inclination to rent a storage room for a filthy appliance. Besides that, she'll probably want compensation because it might evolve into a new lifeform as it rots supinely. I then had an idea and got a quote from a repairer, he thinks he can clean it up for £120 (he'll have to remove the drum and replace gaskets and seals etc) Personally I think this thing belongs in the rubbish tip, alone the idea of a fellow human being cleaning it is rather gross, and black mould is a health hazard too.

    I mailed her about the quote -- and she is getting the estate agent to visit me tomorrow, 'to check'. I cannot believe that I even have to argue this in umpteenth emails and then mess around with convincing the estate agent who would be liable for the replacement.

    I think it is unreasonable to expect me to use this icky thing as she suggested. I understand that the machine is less than a year old and that landlords work for their profits too, but really, the entire thing is not my problem, and I cannot see the estate agent agreeing that the machine needs fixing, since the estate agent is negligent in the first place and will have to pay for it. (they OK'ed the last tenant to move out leaving the machine in the state, my landlord lives abroad)

    The inventory only mentioned something about 'soapy tray needs further cleaning'.

    Thanks for any advice,

    Cinnamon, who never before had such a weird problem

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    Try phoning your local envoironmental health officer and have a chat with him about this problem. As a landlord if I had this problem, I'd change it immediately, as it will end up making the whole property stink. The EHO may be able to put some pressure on the agent. When the agent visits tommorrow I would make sure he stands right next to the machine! Best of luck.


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      She is legally obliged to deal with this. Write a letter to her, requesting that the washing machine is either repaired or replaced within seven days, or you shall pursue the matter further. If nothing happens, get the washing machine fixed(I would not advise replacement in this case) and deduct the amount from your rent. This is called your right of offset. Technically, they can still sue you for this amount, but if it was a justifiable repair, which it obviously is, they will lose. I would only repair, as if it did go to court, they could argue that the machine did not warrant replacing, and it would be difficult for you to prove otherwise, especially if the repair is around the £100-150 mark. To cover your back, get 2 or 3 estimates done, and send a COPY(do not send the original) of the receipt to the landlord.
      Any posts by myself are my opinion ONLY. They should never be taken as correct or factual without confirmation from a legal professional. All information is given without prejudice or liability.


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        I'm not saying the LL shouldn't be sorting this out, but I can't believe the machine is a skip job; anything can be cleaned if you know how. Try the suggestions in this link, maybe?


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          Great link!

          also look here:


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            My washing machine although a few months old started to make clothes smell terrible. After some investigation it appeared to be because of the fabric softener (liquid) which also left some goowy residues sometimes. I stopped using it and after 2-3 wash the problem was solved.

            Not sure if that's your problem but I thought I'd mention it.


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              I tried all those tricks and tips, but to be honest, alone the sight of the seal is enough to convince me that I should stick to my low-cal diet today. I am so not going to go near this, it might rise up and eat me!

              I think there is a point where the accumulated stuff just cakes on and that is your goose (or rather, washing machine) cooked.

              The Estate Agent thinks there is some kind of plumbing problem and a 'return valve' is needed, at least they organised a repair man to come to check it out.

              Thanks for all the tips



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