Misinformed about insurance by managing company

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    Misinformed about insurance by managing company

    Hello All,

    Got a situation that has arisen, I will explain what happened.

    Back in June, a water leak from the above flat to my flat, made one of my rentable rooms unrentable, it looks nearly 3 months to fix (due to incompetency of mananging company, drying out walls and then actual work).

    I had a tenant in my room but he moved out. I was informed I could put through a "loss of rent" claim to the insurance company that the managing company had insurance on the block of flats with.

    Then today, I hear from the insurance company that they don't cover loss of rent, just alternative accomodation until rooms are habitable again.

    My mananging company never told me this was an option and therefore I lost my tenant but back then, I had the hope of getting money back from the loss of rent claim, which obviously now won't happen.

    What I'm asking is, can I claim via the Small Claims court my 3 month's rent (£855) from the managing company due to them not telling me this?

    Any advice would be great!


    Thanks for your answer, but what you said isn't right.

    I would've been gaining from the tenant being put in alternative accomodation as the insurance company would've paid for the tenant's accomodation and I would've got my rent from the tenant.

    Also, I didn't understand what you wrote
    I would say not, unless you had your own policy and you did not inform them quickly enough (eg your were relying on the block policy).
    The only policy I have is the block policy so I was relying on them to inform me of what I could do.


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