Misinformed about insurance by managing company

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    Misinformed about insurance by managing company

    Hello All,

    Got a situation that has arisen, I will explain what happened.

    Back in June, a water leak from the above flat to my flat, made one of my rentable rooms unrentable, it looks nearly 3 months to fix (due to incompetency of mananging company, drying out walls and then actual work).

    I had a tenant in my room but he moved out. I was informed I could put through a "loss of rent" claim to the insurance company that the managing company had insurance on the block of flats with.

    Then today, I hear from the insurance company that they don't cover loss of rent, just alternative accomodation until rooms are habitable again.

    My mananging company never told me this was an option and therefore I lost my tenant but back then, I had the hope of getting money back from the loss of rent claim, which obviously now won't happen.

    What I'm asking is, can I claim via the Small Claims court my 3 month's rent (£855) from the managing company due to them not telling me this?

    Any advice would be great!


    Thanks for your answer, but what you said isn't right.

    I would've been gaining from the tenant being put in alternative accomodation as the insurance company would've paid for the tenant's accomodation and I would've got my rent from the tenant.

    Also, I didn't understand what you wrote
    I would say not, unless you had your own policy and you did not inform them quickly enough (eg your were relying on the block policy).
    The only policy I have is the block policy so I was relying on them to inform me of what I could do.


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      by jpkeates
      Solicitors have a code of practice.
      They can't conjure possession hearings out of thin air....
      03-06-2020, 23:00 PM
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      I have today been told that I am getting evicted and that there is a hearing next week.
      But I haven't received any Court papers, no notice to quit, no section 8, or section 21.
      I don't even know how this is possible as I thought there was a ban on eviction hearings.
      I owe rent yes,...
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    • Reply to getting evicted - but no paperwork
      by Jon66
      Op said the landlord's solicitor emailed her.
      03-06-2020, 22:34 PM
    • Reply to Mould/witholding rent/C19 eviction rights
      by jpkeates
      If there's mould in the property it almost has to come from condensation inside.
      The (alkaline) lime in the plaster and the acid in the mortar mean that water coming from outside doesn't usually allow mould to develop.

      Mould forms when water that condenses on the surface is left there....
      03-06-2020, 22:23 PM
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      by Borischelski
      I wonder if I could trouble someone for advice, having recently become a Landlord for the first time ?

      A year ago I inherited a small 1970s one bedroom flat in Birmingham.

      The flat was originally heated with a couple of electric bar heaters....
      02-06-2020, 09:37 AM
    • Reply to Leaving before s21 notice expires?
      by jpkeates
      I don't have any idea how this is meant to work.
      But, the only people who really matter are the landlord and the tenant.

      The agent works for the landlord, and if they've found themselves in a conflict if interest, have to resolve it in favour of the landlord.
      They'll never accept...
      03-06-2020, 22:12 PM
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      I have received a s21 notice to leave at the end of August (this includes the current extended 3 month covid19 period). I wish to leave the property early as I have now found another property to rent but this can only be ‘held’ for a period of 2 months by the letting agent. I have asked if I can...
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    • Reply to getting evicted - but no paperwork
      by jpkeates
      Yes, the courts are still just about functioning, so a money claim is still possible, if unlikely.
      If a landlord came here seeking advice about a tenant in arrears, I would suggest a money claim rather than a possession claim, in the first instance.

      However, tou should still receive...
      03-06-2020, 22:09 PM
    • Reply to getting evicted - but no paperwork
      by Jon66
      Yes if they have claimed for it, but it depends on what basis the possession proceedings are made. I don't think there was sarcasm, just a character. Artfuls comment re benefits is referring to himself, and he gave good advice re shelter. And some landlords are bad we know that, but I'm not one of the...
      03-06-2020, 21:58 PM
    • Reply to getting evicted - but no paperwork
      by beryl
      Jon66: there were sarcastic responses from a person further up. It's there to read.
      I did contact CAB and my local council. I told my landlord in 2014 there was a leak, nothing done. Same again in 2017, 2018. Told in 2019 bath tub was dangerous, don't bath, nothing done by LL. At that same...
      03-06-2020, 21:43 PM