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    Deposit not received

    We moved out of our old property on the 31st August and the landlord had new tenants in the property from the 2nd September. When we left all the appliances were in working order. Also when we moved in to the property no inventory was done by the landlord and we left their appliances in the property as a goodwill to them.

    We received an email on the 30th September to say:

    "White goods- B7 of the tenancy agreement states that ‘ the Tenant will immediately pay for or replace any components of gas, electrical, heating or other appliances which become defective due to misuse.’

    I was contacted by my our new tenants shortly after their arrival with the news that the dish washer and the tumble drier were not functioning properly. It was apparent that neither had been maintained or cleaned for a long time. The tumble drier was full of lint, fluff and dirt and no longer dries effectively.

    I am now faced with the prospect of replacing both appliances that were new when we moved in to West Barn in 2004 and it seems sensible to assume that the lack of regular cleaning has done little to prolong their life span. On these grounds, I propose to retain a further £200 of the deposit in order to offset the sum I will need to spend this month to replace each of the said items."

    I am not happy as this was the first time this mentioned and they were in working order when we left.

    Any advice on where I stand would be appreciated as i am still waiting for the cheque (6 weeks after moving out).

    If there was no inventory LL will struggle to prove the items were there never mind that they were in working order!

    Also when did AST start? If it was after April 6th 2007 it should have been in a scheme, this could give you leverage and you can threaten to sue for 3x deposit for not protecting it!!

    I would write to LL stating that as there was no Inventory you will be suing for the deposit. Give 7 days then go to Money Claim online.
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