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    Taking over a tenancy question

    I am sorry if this is not the right place to ask this question, I've been looking for somewhere to ask this and you people seem to be in a good position to know a thing or two about this...

    Put simply, I need to aquire the rights to a tenancy for a Housing Association owned home (who took over from the local council).


    1997: living with parents, setup direct debit from my own account to pay council rent
    1998: living with parents, setup direct debit from my own account to pay coucil tax
    1999: mother died, asked council for right to succession to get my name on the tenancy - was not allowed, succession automatically passed to father (already on tenancy)
    2001: father left house, moved in with new girlfriend, now living alone in house, but still in father's name
    2001 (I think): Housing stock passed from Council to Housing Association
    2004: son born, registered at this address.
    2005: now a single parent, equal share of son, so he's here 7 nights out of every 14.
    2008: married to foreign national.

    It's this last bit why I am asking this question. In order to prove I can adequately support my wife when she applies for her residency visa, I must supply proof of rent/mortgage and although I am paying the rent, it's in my dad's name, so I can't see how I can prove anything? My dad has no interest in this house anymore and I can't afford to take rent elsewhere and want to keep this house (lived here since I was 7 and I'm now 35, so quite attached).

    Do I have any rights at all or have any way with a housing association to take the tenancy into my name? Assuming my dad's going to live for a while yet, I won't get it through succession (not even sure I qualify for that?) but having lived here for 28 years, the last 11 of which paying full rent and council tax for the last 10, do I have a way to aquire the tenancy because of this?

    I have never missed any payment, cause no trouble to anyone, never had any complaints, have always arranged access when required - in short, been a perfect tenant, not that this probably has any bearing?!

    I don't think this forum is the right place for your case.

    I would see a lawyer specialising in this field on a pro bono basis.


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