Not all HB tenants are bad news!!!

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    Not all HB tenants are bad news!!!

    I have read some of the descriptions of HB tenants on this forum and I can understand where you are all coming from, but I am a decent, trustworthy, educated person who just happens to receive LHA and I feel that tenants like myself are having a hard time being tarred with the same brush as troublemakers.

    Long story short, I have never received LHA before and have always worked, but fell on hard times, losing my job due to illness. Now I am making my 1st claim for LHA and am finding that most landlords want to dismiss me as someone who will trash the place, refuse to communicate with them, move all kind of people in and out etc etc. The irony is that I would look after a rented flat as if it was my own and give the landlord no stress at all! There is no reason the council would stop my benefits or anything so a prospective landlord would have nothing to worry about. I am looking for a 1 bed flat in NW2 area of London. Someone give me a chance?!

    The reasons for us not offering to HB is I believe HB is paid direct to the tenant if it were paid direct to the landlord we may reconsider and I believe that if the benefit is claimed fraudulently HB can reclaim from the landlord all rent paid If someone could confirm or clarify the above we'd be grateful as the above could have changed



      I have alot of DSS tenants, most of whom are decent people who have just fallen on bad times. I beleive in giving anyone a chance within reason. Just because someone is on benefits doesnt mean best avoided. I think you will find landlords are individuals, speak with them directly if you can explain your situation and most will make an informed decision. It may change the way they look at DSS tenants. You may find it is a combination of things that puts a landlord off, could be age?

      Unfortunately I dont have any properties in london area, but I wish you well in your search for your new home.



        Melissa: I take your point and I know that there are many hard working people out there who have fallen on hard times due to loss of job and they have sufficient financial reserves and responsibility to honour their rental commitments. It does have to be remembered however that such people may depart at short notice to take a job elsewhere in the country and if they are unable to find work in a short time, for some the temptation of using that HB to feed themselves or their families instead of passing most if not all of it to their landlord can sometimes become impossible to resist. For this reason, and the time it takes to legally remove such a tenant understandably does make landlords think twice.
        I my case, I have been lucky with some of the HB tenants I have taken on but "caught a cold" with others, thus like everyone else, I am wary. The sort of HB tenant I can happily accept is the financially sensible mature adult who is on HB because of long term sickness and who can pay deposit and rent in advance. The ones who say - "oh I can't afford to pay anything until my HB cheque arrives" are a no no as far as I am concerned.

        Any information given in this post is based on my personal experience as a landlord, what I have learned from this and other boards and elsewhere. It is not to be relied on. Definitive advice is only available from a Solicitor or other appropriately qualified person.


          Jax: Really useful info, thanks for your advice. I know that if a landlord would take the time to talk to me I could make them see I am nothing to worry about. Wish they were all as understanding as you!

          PP: Thanks for helping me see all the possible pitfalls from a landlord's point of view. By the way i fully fit the description you gave of the HB tenant you would accept - mature, long term sick leave, no intention of leaving the area, can cover deposit etc.

          Anyone reading this know of any way of contacting London landlords direct (other than this forum)?

          Any north west London landlords reading this and looking for a tenant who will give them no stress get in touch!


            HB tenants

            If anyone has read my earlier posts about my terrible HB lodgers, these people were obviously at the worst end of the scale.

            Despite the difficult time I have had, I still don't class all unemployed people the same. I have been unemployed myself and know a few people who are on Housing Benefit, including a friend. However, due to the way the system works and the fact that my lodgers are professional scroungers, I admit I would thing very carefully before taking on someone on HB. Below are my reasons:

            Firstly, as the previous posters correctly stated, HB is now paid directly to the tenant rather than the landlord. A stupid law that makes the whole thing extremely risky for the landlord. My lodgers, I discovered, received over £800 in rental money but I saw none of that. The landlord hardly has a leg to stand on if the tenants decide to spend the money.

            Secondly, as you will have read in my previous posts, the legal process to remove a tenant is long, tedious and expensive. It is also very stressful and the lack of rent, legal costs and possible repairs over several month can mean possibly losing the house.

            The tenant has nothing to lose but the house owner has everything to lose. I understand if a hard-working, honest individual hits hard times - I have been there - but how can a landlord be sure of that? I hope things work out for you.


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