Tenants refund deposit rights

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    Tenants refund deposit rights

    I need some advice on tenants rights for reclaiming of deposit.

    I recently moved out of my previously rented property, after 3 years. During this time a new lease was signed for in March 2008 that was valid for 4 months.

    After moving out all the bills were settled and proof of payment was immediately (after 3 days) submitted to the Letting Agent. This was followed by numerous failed attempts requesting refund of my deposit over the last 2 months as I obtained various excuses from the Letting Agent ranging from delay of the inventory check to trying to get hold of the Landlord as to why my deposit has not been refunded yet.

    Eventually after follow ups I obtained the latest response that the deposit was actually held by the Letting Agent instead of the Landlord and due to fiancial difficulties they are unable to refund my deposit.

    Can you please advise me on the tenancy rights on how to reclaim my deposit and how long the letting agency can withhold the deposit without any reasonable cause.

    I would appreciate your help

    Unfortunately the Letting Agent will not provide me with the Landlord's details which I have requested previously.


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