Help needed - eviction under S21

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  • Help needed - eviction under S21

    Hi all,
    This is my first time here - so first off, hi! Now onto my problem - our tenants owe arrears worth 3 months rent. We only found out about it during the third month as, inexplicably, our managing agent paid us out of the deposit for the first month and then seemingly out if his own cash for the second. I hired Landlord Action to serve S8 and S21 notices on them as I wasn't convinced the agents were competent enough to do it correctly. A solicitor then advised me to go down the S21 route, rather than S8, as it was the only sure fire way of getting them out, and given that it's xmas there wouldn't be much difference in when the court issued the order and we get our flat back. She also told me that I could probably do the S21 accelerated procedure myself, therefore saving some money (which I could do with as the 'evil' tenants have skinted us). Have any of you had experiece of doing this? Is it tricky? I would hate to make a mistake and it all to fall down around my ears.

    Any advice really welcome - we're desperate.


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    You could certainly do the s21 route yourself, the crucial thing is getting the dates right, there is a lot on this forum about the dates, it is a bit of a minefield if you are new to it. I would, however, suggest you do both the S8 and S21 as backup.


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