Landlord changes mind after allowing move into property

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    Landlord changes mind after allowing move into property


    Do I as a tenant have any legal rights in the following situation/is the landlord allowed to do the following:

    1. 2 Months ago a deposit was paid on a rental property with an agreement that the move would take place mid-September.

    2. Landlord is unable to meet this date and it is agreed that move date can be moved forward to End-September.

    3. Landlord is once more unable to meet this date - he does however state that furniture for downstairs can be moved in and constructed on 31st September.

    4. Furniture is moved in and constructed etc. Installation of telephone line, redirection of mail etc all paid for. Informed that he will be demolishing neighbouring property - creation of building site etc.

    5. Day before we fully move (today) LL informs agency that we cannot move since he has found tenants willing to pay more.

    Is he allowed to make us have no property etc even after considerable costs have been incurred on our part and we have partially moved into the property. For Unknown reasons the LL has constantly delayed any signing of written Agreement/Contract, however all terms were verbally agreed between LA and LL and us and having already partially moved into the house is that of any relevance?

    I have no legal knowledge, so I have no idea if legally there is anything wrong. It just feels as if have been very wrongly treated and will now incur even more costs due to behaviour of LL

    Any advice will be greatfully received,

    Ben Ward

    It appears you have been dealt with in a shabby manner but unfortunately unless an agreement is signed you have little recourse.

    However it does raise the question of whether you had in fact been granted a tenancy as you had been given access to install furniture, arrange telephone lines etc - did he give you a key?

    The reason the landlord has delayed offering you an agreement is now crystal clear - he was still marketing the property to find a higher rent and using you as a fallback position if he was unsuccesful. Unfortunately it happens; its a shabby way to do business but some people have no morals. The lesson learnt is to get it in writing asap.

    I would also have questioned his intentions when he said you could have access from the 31st September!
    My advice is not based on formal legal training but experience gained in 20+ years in the letting industry.


      Its possible you have an oral tenancy, but do you have keys?

      If you have keys then you can move in, if not whats happening about the possessions you have installed?

      Unless you have keys there is not alot you can do other than retrieve your goods.
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      Oh and on a serious note... I am NOT a Legal person and therefore anything I post could be complete and utter drivel... but its what I have learned in the University called Life!


        Thanks for the responses; no we don't have keys - he kept the door unlocked due to builders therefore no key was needed. It seems like we'll have to find somewhere else to rent very quickly.



        Edit: 31st September was a typo - meant to say 30th.


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