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  • tenants moved out early

    Hi there
    If we have given our tenants the required two months notice, but they move out part way through the month, do we owe them rent back? (they were not pressurised to move out that quickly and didn't give us any notice that it would happen that quickly)
    Tenants were lodgers

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    Tenants were Lodgers

    Hi Bulldog - are you sure you did'nt freighten them off - wuff wuff!
    Sorry, could not resist!
    If you are a live-in landlord as the above implies, your "tenants" are indeed lodgers and therefore normal statutory notices don't apply.
    It all depends what you agreed in your original agreement, if there was one, failing that a reasonable period - normally one month.
    Two months is more that reasonable.
    If you gave them clear notice and they choose to leave early, without informing you, I would say that's their choice. The sensible thing for them to have done would have been to inform you in advance when they would leave and try to salvage their second month's rent.
    If they left half-way through the first month, then perhaps you could waive the second month's rent?


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      Thanks very much

      Thanks for getting back to me, I guess this question comes up time after time! I am a live in landlord and the tenants were given clear notice instructions, but you were right in thinking there is no formal contract (daft I know!) I thought it was their loss if they moved out early, but these are my first tenants so I wasn't completely sure.
      Thanks very much for the info
      P.P yeah yeah very funny....woof!


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