Tenant reluctant to vacate at tenancy end; what to do?

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    As a tenant I would not be happy at having to move, be unsettled for 2 months just because my LL wanted to use the house I have been calling Home for a couple of months. I can see where the tenant is coming from.

    You should have thought ahead, given a section 21 notice and once your house was sorted get a new tenant in.

    Your tenant has been paying you for a service, ie to rent the house. She is happy and settled there, and you want to upset a good tenant for a couple of months!!

    There are LL out there who would take you for a couple of months, but again thats a risky business.
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      I was told today that my agency managed to conact the tenant and she hasn't found anywhere else to live. Apparently she has been in touch with the local council and they advised her to stay put.

      Allegedly she now wants to move into the flat next to mine which will be free at the beginning of December, but obviously this is no good to me because she could have had my flat back by then too if she had been reasonable!


        She probably thinks she has been reasonable!

        Sorry, I just realised that I mis-read your original post - thought you were having work done on your rental property...

        For what it's worth, I now have a bit more sympathy with your tenant!

        It's not as if she's behind with rent, is it...just that she doesn't want to move out of a property for two months only to move back in again. Seems fair enough to me. However, if you really want rid of her at the end of the fixed term, it may take longer than you anticipate and I really think it will be mentally/emotionally less stressful for you to find somewhere else for yourselves to live for that period.

        Good luck.
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          I now realise that I was quite naive in even mentioning the 2 months, I should have just said I am no longer letting the property after the end of this tenancy.....it would have saved me a whole lot of grief.

          As for looking for another place, trust me I have been! Moving back to my rental property was my final option that I never actually wanted to use unless I really had to, which is the situation I am in now.

          I would never willingly try to evict a tenant without good reason, and I believe it is actually a good reason because it is a matter of keeping a roof over mine and and my wife's head. If it was a choice between you or your tenant, who would you choose?


            The T ...as the rental income will allow you to get a roof as well !

            AND a continued LONG term income ....altho doubt This T will oblige after this lot !

            I think you have been very shortsighted over this, as T is CLEARLY long term ...she wants to move in next door for Pete's sake!!

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              I think the point to all this is being overlooked a bit now.

              Whether you want her out so you can move into the property yourself for two months, or whether you simply don't want to rent the property any more, makes no difference to how long it will take to get the tenant out if she doesn't play ball.

              As you've already worked out, telling her the reason why you want her out is probably the fly in the ointment.
              My advice is not based on formal legal training but experience gained in 20+ years in the letting industry.


                Seems like the tenant has come to her senses after all! I got a call from my letting agent yesterday (the day after she was supposed to have moved out), saying the tenant was most upset that the reason that I wanted the flat back was because my wife is pregnant and she didn't want to cause any problem, so if I returned the rent for this month and give her deposit back, she would move out as soon as tomorrow.

                She had previously said that the reason she was not moving out was because she had no friends in the area, so she had nowhere to go, but now she has suddenly found some "friends" to stay with. It turns out that the reason she was being obstructive was because her son is on the waiting list for a local school and while she had the flat as her address she was in the catchment area. She asked if she could still leave the same address for some of her post so that there is still a chance that her son would get in. I had already said she could do that previously anyway so it seems like everyone is happy (though I am going to lose a weeks rent as I have agreed to let her wait until the rent has come back to her before she has to move out, and it will probably take about a week anyway, but I think it is a small price to pay in the circumstances).


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