no hot water for 6 weeks - notice required

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    no hot water for 6 weeks - notice required

    I have been on a couple of sites regarding the fact we have been without hot water for 6 weeks (this is at our landlords knowledge and he has not yet carried out any repairs). There are other issues regarding our landlord (see my previous post which this follows on from – ‘No hot water for 6 weeks, condensation, damp and psycho neighbour 26/09/08 09:51pm).

    One site I came across online mentioned that there is a "waiting time" for landlords to carry out necessary repairs. It states the allowable waiting times are:
    • 24 hours for no hot or cold water, heat, or electricity, or for a condition that is imminently hazardous to life
    • 72 hours for repair of refrigerator, range, and oven, or a major plumbing fixture supplied by the landlord
    • 10 days for all other repairs.
    The site goes on to say that if the work is not carried out after the waiting time the actions that can be taken are:
    • Giving the landlord written notice and moving out immediately (rather than having to stick to the normal 4 weeks). We are entitled to a prorated refund of the rent, as well as the deposits we would normally receive.
    • We can litigate or arbitrate. We can hire an attorney and go to court to force you to make repairs, or, the dispute can be settled by an arbitration service.
    • We can hire someone to make the repairs and then deduct the cost from the rent.

    I have only come across these details on one site.
    As we have been without hot water for 6 weeks at the landlords attention I am hoping you could tell me if these "waiting rules" are accurate and legally binding.

    I came across the information regarding the "waiting time" on The site does seem quite official and although it is targeted at students the information regarding the "waiting time" legally seems to apply to all tenants if I'm to go with what the site is saying. Again, can anyone back this site up????

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