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  • rotten windows

    i have rotten windows throughout the property does my landlord have to replace them?.they are quite bad and one of them does not close properly.

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    It depends on a couple of things.....mainly were the windows in the same condition when you viewed the property, and/or moved into the property? And is the rot/resulting draught an issue which can(realistically ) cause a health issue(I suspect not).
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      Mole - I think the answer is that he does not have to replace them, however he may do something if you ask him politely. Point out that replacing the windows will increase the value of his house! It depends I suppose on the type of landlord he is. We replaced the windows in our three properties with double glazed a couple of years ago, mainly so we would not have to have them painted anymore. You could possibly get a few quotations as to cost. Did you point out to him the problems with the windows when you moved in?


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        Followon to windows

        Mole - have just been reading another site which had an almost identical question to yours. I should have remembered that landlords have a duty to keep the property in good repair. The advice there was to contact your local housing environmental health officer re the problem.However before you do that I still think it is worth talking to your landlord first. best of luck Susan


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          Environmental Health action depends on where you live ... In Doncaster they are on you like a ton of bricks.... In Bristol they do Jack sh*t excelpt flaff about and write namby pamby letters that mean nothing .

          I speak from personal experience on both counts, I manage a property in Doncaster that has had EHO dump an order on a Landlord as soon as they saw it. Tenant has been told a year ago to bring their rent arrears up todate and pay rent consistently and the windows would be replaced (before they became bad) she did not... so she calls in EHO who say they all need replacing. In Bristol I rent a flat where the window is so bad it is almost falling out.. infact one small window was gone before I moved in and a second has very nearly fallen out... the third is very close to falling. The EHO in Bristol called my Landlord .. gave him 28 days... no action so I had to chase EHO who has again called the landlord and has now written to him giving him ANOTHER 28 days to comply before any action will even start. All this time I am worrying that I will come home to a broken window (Which I have to open as the room is damp and suffers condensation) and pigeons nesting once agin in my bedroom.. (they were resident before I moved in via the broken window).

          My Landlord has been fobbing me off with quote after quote. I am now no longer paying my rent, I will save up the money it will cost to replace the window and I will pay for it myself... I think it will be the only way to get the window done.
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