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    Deposit queries

    Hi guys,

    I have just moved out of my rented property and the landlord wants to make deductions for a few things that are broken like the garbage disposal and a shelf in the fridge etc. These things were broken when we moved in but we didnt notice them until about 2 months in as the previous tenant had stuck the shelf back on with super glue and we never used the garbage disposal so we never new it was broken!

    I have a few legal queries:

    1) When we moved in the agent did not do a new inventory, it was dated 2005! We paid for a new inventory so can we use this against them?

    2) The check out at the end of the tenancy was done by the agent themselves and not the company that did the initial inventory – is this fair?

    3) It has been 11 days since we moved out and we have not seen a check out report in writing? We have just been told by phone that the LL wants to make deductions from our deposit – does the agent have to provide it in writing and within what amount of time?

    4) The only deductions that the landlord wants to make have been things that have cropped up since the new tenants moved into the property and NOT from our checkout. Can this be done? We have not seen the checkout yet but verbally there were no problems until the new tenants complained about a few things?

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