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    Holding Deposit Return.

    My partners daughter is moving area to where we live. She has had problems with her previous flat, where she contacted the letting agent several times with regards to damp in the property.
    Upon collecting her I photographed and found the following:

    Mould spores growing on most walls.
    Mould spores growing in dry food storage areas.
    mould growing on furniture.
    Rust on light fittings.
    Rusty washing machine not working full of stagnant water.
    Rusty Fridge freezer, covered in mould spores.
    Damp marks around most of celling.
    Damp around entrance.
    Mould growing on tennants posessions.

    The letting agent and landlord have not done anything to rectify this despite lots of phone calls over the past 6 months regarding the damp and the broken washing machine. In the end she witheld on paying the rent until something was done about it.
    In adition to this she and her 4 year old son have been suffering from chest complaints and colds off and on since moving in in the summer.
    She has since moved out, and is planning to take the letting agent to arbertration to try and recover some of her money.

    Since this incident she has paid a local letting agent a holding deposit on a house.
    The letting agent was informed about the dispute with the previous letting agent at the time of paying the deposit, but a week after taking it has contacted the other agent and has decided not to proceed.
    The agent is now wanting to pay back only 50% of the deposit, after they pulled out, and my partners daughter has been left homeless.

    Where does she stand on her holding deposit?
    Who else should I contact on the state of her previous flat? (Environmental Health Dep?)
    I am also a landlord with several propertys in my area, and cannot believe the state that this property has been let at to a young girl with a child. It has abviously been given a coat of paint in the summer when it is dry to cover up the damp.
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