Can I make a tenant sign the S21 at the start of the tenancy ?

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  • Can I make a tenant sign the S21 at the start of the tenancy ?

    I got a tenant who is dodgy and nice at the same time, have to say.
    His 6 months contract expired last week, and i was trying to get rid of him, as he at times harrasses other tenants by smoking joints, or playing loud music; However later he apologises and makes everybody laugh... Amazing but true, you cannot really hate him but neither you can trust him too...

    At the end of the tenancy i talked to him and asked him to leave in a month time, as him and myself are not tied to any fix contract anymore. he prayed me to stay in the house and asked me instead to sign another contract for six months.
    We then agreed for a contract of 3 months only. i have also made him sign the "End of Tenancy" form, by the 2nd of March, but have not dated it, because i will do it later two months before the 2nd of March, in just about a month time on the 6th of January.

    Is it possible to do that ?
    Ca i do the same with all other suspicious tenants, as a precaution ?>

    Ie : At the start of a new tenancy with a new tenant, along with the 6 months Ast contract, i could make him sign the "End of Tenancy Form" , which i will serve at the forth month, in case his behaviour has not been nice .

    By the way, can a Tenancy of six months be ended by giving two months notice to the tenants ? Mmhh, not sure if i have posted already this question... if so apology, i am getting old then ...

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