Can I make a tenant sign the S21 at the start of the tenancy ?

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    Can I make a tenant sign the S21 at the start of the tenancy ?

    I got a tenant who is dodgy and nice at the same time, have to say.
    His 6 months contract expired last week, and i was trying to get rid of him, as he at times harrasses other tenants by smoking joints, or playing loud music; However later he apologises and makes everybody laugh... Amazing but true, you cannot really hate him but neither you can trust him too...

    At the end of the tenancy i talked to him and asked him to leave in a month time, as him and myself are not tied to any fix contract anymore. he prayed me to stay in the house and asked me instead to sign another contract for six months.
    We then agreed for a contract of 3 months only. i have also made him sign the "End of Tenancy" form, by the 2nd of March, but have not dated it, because i will do it later two months before the 2nd of March, in just about a month time on the 6th of January.

    Is it possible to do that ?
    Ca i do the same with all other suspicious tenants, as a precaution ?>

    Ie : At the start of a new tenancy with a new tenant, along with the 6 months Ast contract, i could make him sign the "End of Tenancy Form" , which i will serve at the forth month, in case his behaviour has not been nice .

    By the way, can a Tenancy of six months be ended by giving two months notice to the tenants ? Mmhh, not sure if i have posted already this question... if so apology, i am getting old then ...

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  • Reply to Money Claim Telephone Hearing
    by rapid111111
    Checked on the PCOL and it looks like the defendants are being responsive and sending in statements. So I guess they'll be attending the hearing. If that's the case, is it possible to ask the courts for an address from the defendants?
    17-10-2021, 09:07 AM
  • Money Claim Telephone Hearing
    by rapid111111
    S21 was issued, tenants left, has 9 months rent arrears amounting to over 10k+. The hearing review (which I wasn't called for or required to attend) progressed onto a money claim telephone hearing which is coming up as there was no longer a need for a possession claim. So I guess that means everything...
    12-10-2021, 09:55 AM
  • Reply to Unauthorized door replacement
    by landlord-man
    Only one question for you.

    When the tenant is locked in the bathroom due to a broken catch on the door in your property, how does the tenant phone you or the agent to ask if they can replace the front door not yet damaged?

    We all know 999 or 101 but the LAs 24/7 helpline number?...
    17-10-2021, 09:05 AM
  • Unauthorized door replacement
    by bms9nmh
    I heard through the agency that manages my property that the tenant had become locked in the bathroom at around 05:30 in the morning and called the fire service, who proceeded to knock down the front door to the flat, and let him out of the bathroom. The tenant did not call the agencies...
    16-10-2021, 19:19 PM
  • Reply to Unauthorized door replacement
    by bms9nmh
    I'm not sure, but I guess I should request the fire service report if such a thing exists....
    17-10-2021, 09:02 AM
  • Reply to Unauthorized door replacement
    by Section20z
    Would the fire brigade really break a door down on the strength of a phone call with no imminent danger to life ? Surely such a policy would be open to abuse from malicious ex-wifes or tenants.
    Wouldn't they just say "ring your landlord"?
    17-10-2021, 08:56 AM
  • Reply to Unauthorized door replacement
    by jpkeates
    The phone is simple, people carry them everywhere all the time.
    And, in an emergency, it would be handy.

    I'm not sure how a door lock can "come off", but I'd probably decline to pay for the door that wasn't fitted as it should have been.
    I can understand why the tenant...
    17-10-2021, 08:51 AM
  • Reply to Curtain Rails
    by jpkeates
    I'd suggest to the agent that you'll pay someone to do the work (someone like hilariy's blinds so the landlord can have a guarantee) and deduct the cost from the rent.
    The landlord can't simply decide not to do something they've agreed to do, and the agent should be telling them that, particularly...
    17-10-2021, 08:44 AM
  • Curtain Rails
    by Myb91
    Hi All,

    Hope your all well!

    I have recently started to rent a place, before moving in/signing of papers the Estate Agent showed it to us virtually (2nd September) because it was not ready yet for potential tenants to view (the Building was not complete), We instantly liked...
    17-10-2021, 02:01 AM
  • Reply to Unauthorized door replacement
    by bms9nmh
    Apparently the lock on the inside came off in his hand. I have no idea why he would have the phone with him in the bathroom at this hour. It's very strange....
    17-10-2021, 08:44 AM