Illegal eviction help!!!landlord took my dog!!!

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    Illegal eviction help!!!landlord took my dog!!!

    the other day i awoke to find seven people entering my privatly rented home. they claimed to be evicting me. I have never recieved any paperwork from the courts indicating that the landlord was filing for eviction. Well it all kicked off and the police attended. They took the landlords side and removed me from the property. all of my personal belongings including sensitive info i.e bank details etc have been left there. also the agent of the landlord took my dog. she now says she is holding all my belongings including the dog on levy until i pay arrears. i have contacted court to find out if they have a record of an eviction order on me or my property but they don't. the police are being very unhelpful.. i can live without my belongings but of course i want my dog back...... any advice grateful!!!!!!!

    1. Is your property in England & Wales?
    2. Did you hold an AST?
    3. Was your rent up-to-date at the time?

    If 'yes' to all three, consult a solicitor AT ONCE and seek an Injunction.
    JEFFREY SHAW, solicitor [and Topic Expert], Nether Edge Law*
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